PGA Tour player: You think McIlroy wanted to take my call and hear me for 25 minutes?

Robert Garrigus is dissatisfied with PGA Tour policy and treatment of players

by Sead Dedovic
PGA Tour player: You think McIlroy wanted to take my call and hear me for 25 minutes?
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Robert Garrigus isn't widely recognized among PGA Tour players, holding the current World Ranking of 1557. He gained attention by being the initial player to request release from the Tour for LIV Golf's first event near London in June 2022.

He's among those who penned a letter to the policy board about the Tour's talks with private equity partners. Garrigus is frustrated because less popular players with lower rankings lack voting rights.

"You think Rory wanted to take my call and hear me * for 25 minutes?!

There is no voice from the lower half of the membership and that's more than the top players. There are more lower guys than there are top guys in the world. It's warranted that we want a voice, but going about it with a letter from a lawyer is a bit bush league because it's not going to matter regardless of what we say.

The fact we have to go about it that way is the problem."- he said, as quoted by!

Robert Garrigus' reaction

Garrigus, once again, displayed confidence in his abilities, believing he could outperform the PGA Tour's top players.

He's visibly discontent with the Tour's operations, especially concerning the voting rights issue. The current policy limits many from voting, a situation Garrigus seems dissatisfied with. The future might bring change, but it remains to be seen if significant shifts will occur in the PGA Tour's policies.

"There's 200 some people on the PGA Tour… but on any given week I could whoop anybody's *, period. Every single one of those guys who has a voice and made $5m in their career, could win next week. It may not happen because we don't get as many chances, but it could still happen.

The fact that all of us are sitting on the sidelines and have been for a very long time just because of the way the tour is run, is disconcerting."

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