Padraig Harrington reacts to Golf ball rollback and reveals the biggest change


Padraig Harrington reacts to Golf ball rollback and reveals the biggest change
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Golf ball rollback did not cause positive reactions, but there are those who support such changes in the world of golf. One of them is Padraig Harrington. Speaking to Golf Digest, Harrington emphasized that it's all for the good of golf.

This great golfer believes that things could change in the next few years, and that the governing bodies are doing everything to help golf progress.

"I know there is a bit of pain involved for the majority, but it's for the greater good of the game," Harrington told Golf Digest, quoted by!

"And to be honest, five percent was soft. Ten percent would have been a fair hit, but five percent is really drawing a line in the sand. It's just saying, in five year's time, we'll have eaten that five percent up anyway.

It's a line in the sand that says if it starts creeping again, we're going to roll it back again. So it's very important for the rest of the world to roll it back. I'm sorry you guys in the US feel that way. There is that attitude in the US that the USGA is representing the very exclusive, old school courses.

That's not the case. They are representing everybody, and I guarantee you the R&A, people have a much better view of them. They're just trying to make the game grow for everyone."

Padraig Harrington on the biggest change

Regarding the changes in female golf, Harrington believes that it will be a great thing for female players, considering that they will be able to compete with men, and have a good chance of success.

"You know what the biggest change is going to be? I'm going to say it here - it's going to be the ladies game. They hit too many fairways now, so there is a huge advantage going forward for somebody who comes out there with 175-mph ball speed.

There is going to be a lady coming out with 175 ball speed who can be a real competitor, and guess what? She's going to be able to play with the men, and compete."

Padraig Harrington