Justin Thomas prioritizes his career over the future of the PGA Tour


Justin Thomas prioritizes his career over the future of the PGA Tour
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There's a lot of talk about the PGA Tour nearing an agreement with a group of US sports team owners. The truth behind these rumors remains unclear, but signs point to a potential deal in the works. Such an agreement would mark a significant milestone for the PGA Tour. Justin Thomas seems pleased with the news, yet he's focused on a different goal for now: enhancing his performance.

"I mean, I have faith and I have trust. I understand I get updated maybe from time to time but I have bigger and better things to worry about, to be selfish and honest," Thomas said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com!

Justin Thomas, aware that it might be a bit selfish of him to focus only on himself, emphasizes that the progress of the PGA Tour is also important to him. This great golfer, however, has clear goals.

"My golf is, and I shouldn't say more important because the future of the PGA Tour is more important, but selfishly for me, my golf is [more important]. And I know that those guys are willing to pick up the phone and talk to anybody if they want. They just have to call them, and I just haven't really had the desire to do that much. I've got faith and trust in them."

Justin Thomas reacts to rumors

Jordan Spieth recently dismissed rumors suggesting Patrick Cantlay had formed an alliance with Woods and Spieth and that Cantlay was part of the PGA Tour's negotiations with the PIF. Thomas believes that individuals on the Board are doing everything they can to help the PGA Tour go in the right direction.

"I have so much respect for those guys on the board and the amount of time and effort that they have put in, and the families for allowing it and being good with it. It's been frustrating on my end, as a player, to see the things that Patrick Cantlay has had said about him. I understand Patrick is who he is, but he's beyond busted his ass to get the Tour in the best place possible along with the rest of the guys on the PGA Tour board to make things the best possible place for us players going forward."

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