All the players for Player Development Camp


All the players for Player Development Camp
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The names of the twelve golfers with disabilities who will participate in the first Player Development Camp (PDC), the new initiative managed by EDGA and supported by the European Tour Group to train future players of the G4D Tour, have been revealed.

They will meet in Portugal, in Quinta do Lago, from 21 to 25 January 2024, and will be followed by specialists such as coaches, nutritionists, performance experts and marketing experts.

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These are the players: Russell Aide (16 years old, Canada), Thomas Colombel (21 years old, France), Heather Gilks (18 years old, England), Casper Holst-Christensen (27 years old, Denmark), Mehmet Kazan (42 years old, Turkey ), Tycho Kuiper (14 years old, Netherlands), Rene Schwenk (24 years old, Germany), Daniel Slabbert (32 years old, South Africa), Natasha Stasiuk (25 years old, Canada), Gustav Stigsson-Andersson (18 years old, Sweden) , Natascha Tennent (18 years old, 16, Australia) and Chris Willis (43 years old, Canada).

The PDC participants were chosen among those who have never participated in G4D Tour competitions, also considering their position in the WR4GD world ranking for golfers with disabilities.
EDGA President Tony Bennett said: “We are delighted with the number of talented and enthusiastic players who will take part in our first EDGA Player Development Camp from 10 countries, they have all shown a hunger to learn and joy to push themselves.

While the G4D Tour is an understandable attraction for players who want to test themselves on championship golf courses in the exciting weeks of the DP World Tour, the PDC aims to help these players develop skills to tackle any test in golf.

The on-site specialists and wonderful facilities at Quinta do Lago will give players the opportunity to explore their potential”. Tony Bennett then added: “Our job is to accompany the competitive golfer's journey, seamlessly.

Not everyone wants the same thing from golf, and that is the overall message for an inclusive landscape, which is about providing choice along the player journey. There has never been a greater opportunity for disabled golfers, but G4D is still young in its development and there is much more to do.

The PDC is just one of our initiatives that will help the entire player journey, as we see an increase in the number of golf courses improving their facilities, more professional coaches learn how to better coach players with disabilities and there is an increase in number of tournaments at all levels”.