Ángel Cabrera resumes after two convictions

The renowned Argentine golfer Ángel Cabrera, winner of the United States Open in 2007 and the Augusta Masters in 2009, has returned to the golf courses

by Andrea Gussoni
Ángel Cabrera resumes after two convictions
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The renowned Argentine golfer Ángel Cabrera, winner of the United States Open in 2007 and the Augusta Masters in 2009, has returned to the golf courses after serving a 32-month prison sentence for two convictions of gender violence.

The 54-year-old athlete, originally from Córdoba, has participated in the Abierto del Litoral, whose closing is scheduled for this Saturday in Rosario. Cabrera began the competition with a card of 71 strokes (even), which has been considered a good start by the local press.

In this regard, the golfer stated: "I have hit good shots. I still need to improve in the short game and above the green, but ultimately the result has been acceptable."

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Aspiring to return to Augusta, despite his current physical condition, Ángel Cabrera, who is regularly invited as a champion, is aware that his criminal history could be the subject of objection by the organization.

However, Cabrera expresses a great desire to compete on the schedule and play as much as possible. In an interview with La Nación, he stated that he is working on his physical condition and, after his participation in the Abierto del Litoral, he hopes to improve his performance.

In addition, he indicated that he plans to visit the United States Embassy in order to renew his visa, which expires in March, and, if possible, participate in the Champions Tour and tournaments in Europe, where he has already been allowed.

play. Despite his victories on the golf course, Cabrera's criminal history has been denounced by two of his former partners between 2017 and 2018. After being convicted of coercion, minor injuries, threats and disobedience to authority, the former golf player golf was jailed for 32 months.

He was released on August 4 after having served two thirds of his sentence, and after psychological examinations, Judge Cristóbal Laje Ross informed radio Miter Córdoba that there had been "an evolution regarding his understanding of the problems of violence." of genre".

In 1989, 'El Pato' Cabrera made his first appearance in the world of professional golf at the age of 20. However, it was in 2007 when he managed to enter the elite American circuit. According to official PGA Tour statistics, his career resulted in earnings worth $14.8 million.

Although his history is full of numerous victories in international tournaments, he has only consolidated three victories on the official PGA circuit; the most recent of them, in the 2013-2014 season, was The Greenbrier Classic.

However, his two most notable achievements occurred during his fledgling career as a professional golfer: his first title win at the Open and his subsequent historic triumph at the Masters. The latter became a defining moment for Cabrera, distinguishing him as the first and only Latin American to achieve such a feat.