Louis Oosthuizen triumphs at Mauritius Open

The top-level continental circuit stopped to enjoy a well-deserved Christmas break

by Andrea Gussoni
Louis Oosthuizen triumphs at Mauritius Open
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The DP World Tour 2024 saw the commitment of South African players, in particular Louis Oosthuizen, winner of the Mauritius Open with a score of 271 (68 69 65 69, -17) and second player of LIV Golf after Dean Burmester. Among the Azzurri, Renato Paratore and Andrea Pavan ranked 18th with a score of 280 (-8), continuing their good season in which they always appeared in the top 20.

Guido Migliozzi ranked 40th with a score of 285 (-3), while Matteo Manassero, despite an excellent first round, finished in 66th place with 144 (par) and did not make the cut. However, mention must also be made of the feat of Joaquin Niemann, also from LIV Golf, in Australia.

In this way, the Arab Super League once again demonstrates its strength in the DP World Tour.

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The top-level continental circuit stopped to enjoy a well-deserved Christmas break. The next appointment is set for January 11th to 14th in the prestigious United Arab Emirates on the occasion of the Dubai Invitational.

The competition will resume with renewed enthusiasm, respecting the professionalism that characterizes this international level event. The Republic of Mauritius, in Italian also referred to as Maurizio is a state insular of Africa; it is located in the southwestern Indian Ocean 550 km east of Madagascar.

In addition to the main island of the same name, it also includes the islands of Agalega, Cargados Carajos and Rodrigues. Mauritius is geographically part of the Mascarene Islands archipelago, which also includes the French overseas territory of Réunion, approximately 200 km to the southwest.

Mauritius has two official languages: English and French; English is used as the island is a former colony of the United Kingdom, from which it gained independence in 1968. The most popularly spoken language is Mauritian Creole, largely based on French with English, South African and Indian influences.

There is no state religion, but the most practiced one is Hinduism, by more than half of the population, around 70% of whom are of Indian origin descended from workers sent there under the British Empire under a regime of indebted servitude. It is the only African country with a Hindu majority.

Louis Oosthuizen