Ludvig Aberg explains why he rejected LIV Golf's offer

"There were a number of red flags, which is not good."

by Sead Dedovic
Ludvig Aberg explains why he rejected LIV Golf's offer
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Ludvig Aberg is one of the biggest potentials on the golf scene. In an interview with the Eurosport podcast, the young Swede revealed what plans he has for the future. Although the leaders of LIV Golf had a ready offer for him and wanted him to be part of their Tour, Aberg had no doubts. He wanted to remain a part of the PGA Tour, considering that money is not his main motive.

“There were a number of red flags, which is not good. We realized that I could potentially burn a lot of bridges, and I wasn't interested in that.

When I look back, I am very confident in my decision. I will never chase money; what I do is compete. I did the right thing.”- he said, as quoted by!

Ludvig Aberg: I want to play against the best

The PGA Tour brings prestige and fame. Golf fans (at least the majority) have been against LIV Golf and the arrival of Saudi money from day one. Aberg is aware of the tradition of the PGA Tour, and he did not want to think about LIV Golf. Although the Swede wants to play with the best, the departure of several individuals does not guarantee such a thing. Yet, Aberg is well acquainted with the other aspects of the PGA Tour and remains optimistic about his future. PGA Tour leaders can be lucky to have such a promising and loyal golfer at the same time. Aberg can certainly do great things in the future.

“I want to play against the best, because I am a competitive person and like to compete against the best players.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that at the moment, it’s a bit more fragmented.

When I look at the PGA Tour and the competitions there, there is so much history around all the competitions.

And that’s what I like, that’s what I go for. But then you have to respect everyone’s decisions.”

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