Italy, Four Season Golf in the heart of Liguria

The golf club and its Club House are located in the municipality of Albisola, a small gem in constant expansion near Savona

by Andrea Gussoni
Italy, Four Season Golf in the heart of Liguria
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A four seasons golf course? It might seem like an exclusive club, perhaps located in Sardinia or Sicily, where the mild temperatures and temperate climate favor gaming and sports tourism. However, even in northern Italy, specifically in Liguria, a region located between the Apennines and the Mediterranean, where the mountains and the sea influence the different microclimates, there is the possibility of playing golf all year round.

Located a few steps from the sea, in a renowned seaside resort on the western Riviera, the Albisola Golf Club offers perfectly flat terrain - a rarity given the Ligurian geographical conformation - dotted with olive trees that surround the 9 holes.

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The golf club and its Club House are located in the municipality of Albisola, a small gem in constant expansion near Savona. The convenience of reaching the golf course via the motorway, the ease of access and a route suitable for golfers of all levels, together with the genuine and fun management of the club, make the Albisola Golf Club a point of reference for golf enthusiasts in the area.

Golf Albisola boasts a playing field that extends for 4,066 meters between the Sansobbia stream and the Erchi hill, with double tees with yellow signals. But what the club is most proud of is certainly the use of the Tifway 419 bermuda on the fairways, which guarantees a perfect lie of the ground and considerable savings in terms of water consumption.

And although it turns yellow over the winter, we think it's still better than Agrostis Stolonifera and offers more ball support. Although it is not an extremely long course, it is not guaranteed that the drive will always be used, especially by those with a low handicap who may prefer to adopt a different strategy, perhaps opting for a long iron or driving iron in order to secure a recent shot open to the green.

The Youth Club and the courses managed by maestro Lorenzo Scala, including those for children and adults and the academy, are evidence of the growing popularity of the Albisola reality, also thanks to the contribution of citizens from nearby Savona.

These initiatives have had the desired effect: spreading awareness of the world of golf and involving as many people as possible in the club. The structure of Golf Albisola includes a driving range with 10 covered and 5 outdoor positions, as well as a large and panoramic putting green and an approach area with an adjoining practice bunker.

The tone used is serious and professional, avoiding addressing the reader directly and using exclamation points. Suggestions for what to do around Albisola: Don't address the reader: A visit to Noli and Bergeggi would certainly deserve a stop.

Noli, an ancient seaside village, is well known for its well-preserved historic center where you can admire the narrow streets, the colorful houses and the main square overlooking the sea. Among the most interesting attractions stands out the castle dating back to the 13th century, which offers a panoramic view of the city and the sea.

Bergeggi, on the other hand, is a coastal town located a very short distance from Noli. The point of reference of the area is the Island of Bergeggi, a marine natural reserve that can be reached by sea. Farinata is a dish that is part of the culinary tradition of the region and which has very ancient roots.

There are different types of farinata depending on the area in which it is prepared. In Albisola, Savona, the lower Piedmont and also in Genoa there is a sort of dispute to establish the paternity of the farinata which, in any case, is a real dish of the local cuisine.

It is a mixture based on chickpea flour, water, salt and oil which, cooked at high temperatures, becomes solid and crunchy. In particular, in the Savona area, white farinata is typical, prepared with only wheat flour instead of chickpea flour and with the other basic ingredients.

Farinata can be tasted in many "farinotti" in the area, where you can taste it on the spot or take it home. The hinterland offers a wealth of delicious dishes that invite you on a tasty gastronomic "tour". Among these, the "Zeaia" originally from Alpicella stands out, a boiled meat of pork, head, beef and chicken carefully prepared in broth, which is transformed into a delicious jelly that envelops the dish.

Furthermore, in this land, Stella cheese is produced, a P.A.T. product. (Traditional Agri-Food Products) with a soft texture, also used as a filling for Testaieu.