Justin Rose reflects on the sacrifices made to participate in the Ryder Cup!


Justin Rose reflects on the sacrifices made to participate in the Ryder Cup!
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Justin Rose was highly motivated to return to the Ryder Cup team after not being part of the team two years ago. Rose was one of the best individuals, although many had doubts about him, considering that he was one of Donald's wildcard picks. However, Justin is an experienced golfer, who knew that he had to silence the critics and show that he deserves to be part of the European team. Speaking to The Scotsman, Rose talked about how much effort he put in to get a place in the team.

“Listen, those are moments that I’ll remember when I’m old. I had to work hard to get back into the team. I had to make some sacrifices. There were times in the summer when I cancelled family holidays as I was thinking ‘I need to get to work’. Things I might not have done a year ago or two years ago."- Justin Rose said, as quoted by scotsman.com!

Justin Rose: That’s what you dream about as a kid

Even when he was young, he dreamed of making it to the big stage and being part of the team at the Ryder Cup. Rose knew he had to put in extra effort compared to others to reach his goal. And when you finally achieve what you've worked so hard for, words can't quite express how happy you feel!

"It shows you that it does mean a lot to me and when you get the feeling out of it that we were all able to have together in Rome, honestly that’s what you dream about as a kid. I’ve achieved so much in my career and I’ve been doing it so long that you do take it for a granted a tiny bit. Then you are starved from it for a few years and then taste it again and then all the hard work is worthwhile.”- Rose concluded.

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