Hayden Springer won after losing sick daughter

Hayden Springer has become one of the five players selected from the Qualifying School to compete on the PGA Tour in 2024

by Andrea Gussoni
Hayden Springer won after losing sick daughter
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Hayden Springer has become one of the five players selected from the Qualifying School to compete on the PGA Tour in 2024. Despite three bogeys in the final seven holes, Springer achieved the place, standing out for his bravery and courage after facing a difficult personal situation.

The young man from Nashville suffered the loss of his oldest daughter, Sage, a month ago. The girl died on November 13 due to Trisomy 18, a rare disease that affects one in every six thousand live births. Despite the difficulties, Springer has managed to keep going and find motivation in the happy memories of his daughter, thinking about her smile during the last lap.

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In the tournament held in Florida, the golfer showed outstanding emotional strength, which has allowed him to achieve his goal of achieving glory in the sport that he loves so much. "My daughter's smile has given me strength to move forward.

I have felt connected to the earth, as if she were supporting me in every blow," said Springer, demonstrating a deep and moving sensitivity. Despite adversity, this young golfer has shown that life goes on and that sport can be a way to overcome difficulties.

With his strength and dedication, Hayden Springer has earned a place in golf history and in our hearts. The story of Springer, a young 29-year-old father, leads us to understand how golf has been a constant in his life from an early age.

His love for this sport was accentuated during his time at Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club, Texas, a place that marked his life forever. He continued to cultivate his talent at Texas Tech and Texas Christian University, where he achieved important victories, highlighted by his 2019 Big 12 victory against Viktor Hovland.

It was during his time at university where he met his wife Emma, also a golfer, whom he married shortly after finishing his studies in 2019. However, their happiness was tarnished when they discovered that their unborn daughter had trisomy 18, a genetic condition that put them in front of a tough challenge.

In short, Springer's story shows us that although life can present us with unexpected obstacles, it is possible to find meaning and enough motivation to face any situation. His perseverance and love for golf keep him steadfast on his path to great achievements even in the midst of difficult times.

Springer's concentration was shaken by a string of bad news and results for months. In October, Sage was born by cesarean section, weighing just over five pounds. However, against all odds, the girl was breathing. "Hayden and I started crying; we couldn't believe what was happening.

It was a miracle," Emma told American journalist Ryan Frances. With a feeding tube inserted in her nose, Sage entered a home that was filled with joy. In January 2021, little Ella underwent heart surgery that lasted 15 hours.

Despite not gaining weight in the first months of her life, she survived. She had to spend 70 days in the hospital, undergoing a tracheostomy and receiving the tireless dedication of the medical team. During that time, Springer's golf took a backseat.

"She was special," Springer remembers. "She Very special. She will be missed forever. There is no way around it, but she was strong. She was a fighter. We always said she had strength of heart and that will stay with us forever." In an impressive life lesson, Sage fought with all her might for almost three more years, until the fateful November.

Following a rigorous eating plan every four hours, he managed to gain weight until he reached three kilos in June 2021. Meanwhile, his owner Springer was successfully playing golf again, qualifying for the US Open in Torrey Pines and gaining experience of first hand on the playing field.

Despite not making the cut, she viewed the opportunity as a victory in itself. Her greatest sporting achievements up to that point were obtaining a PGA Tour card and two victories on the PGA Tour of Canada in September of last year, which made her stand out in the sports development circuits.

During the awards ceremony, the speech focused almost entirely on Emma, who had devoted tireless care to the two daughters of the house. On the 18th hole, Emma cried with emotion, since Hayden had managed to qualify to play in the Korn Ferry Tour, the last leg before the Big League, something completely unexpected for him. Sadly, two months after Hayden's second victory, Sage passed away.

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