Shane Warne's children found his massive golf collection

'And some of the stuff we're going through at the moment is golf clubs.'

by Sead Dedovic
Shane Warne's children found his massive golf collection
© Jack Thomas / Getty Images Sport

Shane Warne's kids were surprised when they found their dad's big set of golf clubs while going through his stuff. Shane Warne is known as a person who had a huge passion and love for golf, even though cricket was the sport he played. His son, Jackson, confirmed in an interview with the media that they found an interesting collection, which speaks volumes about how much he loved this sport.

'We're going through, at the moment, some of his storage units — because he's just got storage units full of stuff. He just collected and collected and collected,' Jackon told Channel 7, as quoted by!

'And some of the stuff we're going through at the moment is golf clubs. And I am not kidding, he has probably got 300 drivers, 400 putters, 50 million golf bags — there is just an abundance of stuff.'

Shane Warne Legacy project

Jackson and his two sisters began the Shane Warne Legacy project on Boxing Day. They're asking Aussies to get their hearts checked using one of the 23 machines placed outside the MCG.  Jackson thinks his father would be happy considering what he did!

'We have exactly 23 machines set up all around the ground,' Jackson said.

'Even if you haven't got a ticket to the game, you can actually get one of these tests outside of the ground. So, even if you're only watching this at home, you can still get your test outside of the MCG.

Dad would be so honoured and so happy that now his legacy is saving lives.'

Warne's old teammate, Ricky Ponting, had a scare with his heart last year while commentating in Perth. He said he'd get checked. He is aware of how important testing is and what it can do.

'My little mate Justin Langer and I will be making our way around to do our own test. It was just over 12 months ago I had to exit the commentary box over in Perth,' Ponting said.