Jon Rahm on celebrating Ryder Cup win: I was the LVP, the least valuable player

"I let the down severely. It's disappointing."- Rahm said.

by Sead Dedovic
Jon Rahm on celebrating Ryder Cup win: I was the LVP, the least valuable player
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In an interview on the Golf Subpar podcast, Jon Rahm discussed the celebration following the European team's Ryder Cup win. While thrilled with the victory, Rahm seemed disappointed in his own energy level during the celebration. Labeling himself as the "LVP" (Least Valuable Player) of Team Europe's Ryder Cup afterparty, Rahm admitted to feeling he could've brought more energy, despite being one of the more important players.

"I was the LVP, the least valuable player. I let the team down severely. It's disappointing... I thought it was going to be Shane [Lowry] but everybody told me that the dark horse in the race was Sepp Straka. Apparently, Sepp can put some drinks down."- Jon Rahm said, as quoted by!

Jon Rahm on Viktor Hovland: I think he'd be in the clear, clear one

Jon Rahm is a golfer who has many friends in the golf scene. Viktor Hovland is one of them. The Spaniard has a great opinion of him and predicts that he could become the new No.1 in the future. The young Norwegian is making progress year after year, which could not go unnoticed.

"Viktor Hovland. Viktor should be I think in my mind is the one that sets ahead... There's a lot of players with the potential to do that but I mean based on his progression the last few years I think he'd be in the clear, clear one."- Jon Rahm said.

Jon Rahm shocked many by leaving the PGA Tour and joining LIV Golf. His decision caused a large number of reactions. The Spaniard thought about his decision for a long time. The huge amount of money he received was certainly hard to refuse, so Rahm decided to surprise everyone.  Many are looking forward to his future on the golf scene and believe that the PGA Tour and LIV Golf could finally find a common word!

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