Tiger Woods' role in the merger and Jay Monahan's views

"We're trying to get a deal done with all of the different entities that we have going on here."- Monahan said.

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods' role in the merger and Jay Monahan's views
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Tiger Woods, a key figure in the PGA Tour, has a rich history in the competition, explaining his strong loyalty and high expectations. Earlier this summer, Woods was appointed as a player director on the tour's policy board in response to the unexpected announcement of the Framework Agreement. The ongoing PGA Tour-PIF deal remains a hot topic, with a December 31 deadline for an agreement. PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan recently confirmed this deadline. Interestingly, Woods joined a group including Charley Hoffman, Patrick Cantlay, Peter Malnati, Jordan Spieth, and Webb Simpson. Now, players outnumber independent directors on the board. These six players can pass any potential changes as part of the merger discussions. This change is seen as a positive step, giving players more say and the ability to make decisions.

"As of right now, (December 31) is our time frame and our deadline. That hasn't changed.

We're trying to get a deal done with all of the different entities that we have going on here."- Monahan said, as quoted by MIRROR!

Monahan also mentioned Strategic Sports Group, which should become co-investors. Monahan thinks the PGA Tour is headed in the right direction.

"SSG has come into the mix now. They obviously have a lot of equity and a lot of name investors that have the same alignment that we have, and we are all heading in the right direction," Woods continued.

Jay Monahan and his expectations

Considering that there are still a few days left until the agreement, there is more and more nervousness among golf fans who are worried about the future of golf as a sport. It is difficult to predict what are the main obstacles to reaching an agreement, but it is obvious that there are several things on which they cannot find a common language. Monahan wants to reach an agreement as soon as possible, but on the other hand, he emphasizes that it is necessary to establish things well and reach an agreement that will be the best for both parties!

“I'm pleased to add the process and frustrated in some of the slowness and governance change that we want to happen.

December 31 is coming up quickly. There is a timetable there that we would like to implement some of these changes that haven't taken place. All the parties are talking and aggressively trying to get a deal done. We're trying to make sure the process is better. Implementation of governance.

Getting the deal done, but getting it done the right way. We have multiple options, we would like a deal done December 31. All parties understand that. There are other options out there.

As long as a player has input and has faster decisions, as long as the board recognises that. That's one of the key things the player directors have focused on. The entire board has been accepting of that.”

Tiger Woods Jay Monahan