Notah Begay III on Jon Rahm's decision

"Rahm’s not a needle mover. He’s great to have in your field."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Notah Begay III on Jon Rahm's decision
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At the end of another PGA TOUR Champions qualifying school, Notah Begay III feels he could've performed better. Reflecting on his tournaments, he talked about the necessity of being consistently focused and performing at the highest level to achieve success on the tour.

“I played 18 tournaments last year on the Champions Tour and failed to make it into the top 25 once. That’s a reflection on my play but also that type of elite level performance is difficult to achieve. You can't compete at a high level unless you're fully vested.”- Begay III said, as quoted by!

Notah Begay III on Jon Rahm's decision

He also commented on Jon Rahm's decision to join LIV Golf. His decision surprised many. Notah, on the other hand, believes that it is not positive to lose such a person, but still believes that the PGA Tour will have the same rating as before. There are a few players that he feels could disrupt things seriously if they leave.

“Anytime you lose a superstar in your game, I mean a very charismatic, flamboyant type of player like Rahm, there's always going to be a strong sense of sense of loss, but ratings won't go down.

Rahm’s not a needle mover. He’s great to have in your field and he's one of the most talented golfers out there, but there's only a couple of players actually in the world that move the needle like a Tiger, like Rory, and Jordan when he’s playing well."

The golf analyst from NBC Sports/Golf Channel often talks about how much he loves golf. Broadcasting golf can be tough, but he always tries hard to make it interesting and comes well-prepared. He wants to make the viewers happy and improve their day.

“It's a huge responsibility to broadcast the game to the masses. and I take that responsibility seriously. I want to be prepared and be informative, entertaining and insightful. What I find out from talking to players, fans and people that follow our game is that they appreciate when there's good smart commentary.”

It is necessary to constantly be informed about the happenings on the PGA Tour scene. If you "switch off" for a moment, it can present a huge problem.

“It's global. We incorporate so many different elements of junior golf, college golf, amateur golf that if you don't stay on top of it, you kind of fall behind.”

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