Jorge Campillo time after Rahm and Garcia

The 37-year-old from Extremadura completed a fantastic season with a victory in Kenya and another five top-10s, earning him one of the ten PGA cards distributed by the European tour's annual rankings

by Andrea Gussoni
Jorge Campillo time after Rahm and Garcia
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Without Jon Rahm and Sergio García, the two prominent names of Spanish golf of the 21st century on the PGA Tour, who left the best circuit in the world to join the International Golf League (LIV), Jorge Campillo consolidates himself as an anchor of golf national.

The 37-year-old from Extremadura completed a fantastic season with a victory in Kenya and another five top-10s, earning him one of the ten PGA cards distributed by the European tour's annual rankings.

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Despite his achievement, Jorge does not get carried away with emotion and simply answers the question of whether this milestone changes his life.

"Not so much," he said. "Please note that this card only gives access to a few tournaments, which are 18 or 19, and none of them belong to the highest category of the circuit. I will focus on European golf and complement it with some tournaments there.

I hope to get off to a good start and qualify for tournaments like Riviera, but it is a difficult task, since I would have to be in first or second place. It is not an easy task," he explained. He has no plans to move to the other side of the Atlantic, unlike Poland's Meronk, who will benefit from the new entry route.

According to him, they are not in the same situation and it is more comfortable for him to stay here. He also does not plan to adapt his game, since he believes it is a mistake. He plans to do his own thing and hope it works.

Although he admits that this measure benefits him, he is not entirely convinced. He believes that it does not make sense to let the best players in the company leave every year and that it would be more logical if they were allowed to play two tournaments and not have to move from one place to another.

As for the five cards for players who have lost the PGA card, he doesn't see it as something dramatic either. However, he admits that he feels excited to return to American soil, where he attended college in Indiana. Although he has played in two editions of the PGA, he has not had good results.

Of all the tournaments he could play in, the former Honda Classic (now Cognizant Classic) especially catches his attention, although he believes he has lost a lot lately. The talk took place weeks before Rahm announced his signing for the LIV, a decision that baffled him as he recalled that the Basque had told him in Dubai in November: "see you next year at the PGA." "I respect those who have left, but I think it is a mistake," he states bluntly, considering that in this structure "there is nothing to gain or lose beyond money." "I don't understand what the motivation could be to train or play," he asks.

For his part, he claims to have never been contacted by the Saudi Super League and that his only link with them was an email he received this year to play in a preliminary qualifier. However, he didn't even respond. What does he think about the agreement in principle reached in June between PGA and LIV? "I am not very aware of the situation, but I think it is quite complicated to reach an agreement.

The spectator is the big loser in this situation, and golf has more economic resources than ever. In my opinion, the LIV It does not have a significant audience and I dare say that if Al-Rumayyan (Yassir, governor of the PIF and owner of the LIV) could cancel it, he would do it in an instant.

He has already achieved what he wanted, which is access to the exclusive circles of the American society related to this sport. Personally, I do not think that the LIV has a real interest, I am not a fan of this initiative," he declares frankly.

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