The pricing of the license continues to increase

The pricing of the ffgolf license continues to increase with an increase of 2 euros, an increase of 3.33% compared to 2023

by Andrea Gussoni
The pricing of the license continues to increase
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The pricing of the ffgolf license continues to increase with an increase of 2 euros, an increase of 3.33% compared to 2023. However, it is important to emphasize that this price remains advantageous compared to certain European countries where it can reach up to 100 euros.

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Since the award of the Ryder Cup to France in 2018, the price of the golf license has continued to increase. It went from 54 euros in 2019 to 58 euros today, with a further increase of 2 euros in 2024. These increases have always been linked to economic inflation, except that of the year of the Ryder Cup in France.

Despite this, the number of licensees reached a record in 2023 with 445,306 affiliated players. We hope that the symbolic increase of 60 euros for adults will not discourage new practitioners. We are at a reasonable average compared to our European neighbors, and this pricing allows us to continue to benefit from quality services for French golfers.

The increase in the license of the French Golf Federation is directly linked to the increase in the cost of living. Comparison with other federations, both national and foreign, was carried out carefully to ensure that the prices charged were in line with the standards in force.

Increases have always been decided based on economic inflation, with the exception of that of the Ryder Cup year in France. The latter was justified by the costs generated by the ecological transition, research, the use of consulting firms and the expertise of key players.

These investments are necessary to support the practice of golf in France. Moreover, compared to neighboring countries, the cost of the French license is completely reasonable. For example, in Spain, it rises to more than 86 euros in 2024, an increase of 2.90 euros compared to 2023.

This represents the third consecutive year of increase for our Iberian neighbors. In Switzerland, joining SwissGolf is free for those under 18 and costs 80 CHF, or 84 euros, for others. In Belgium, the situation is more complex with three federations: the Royal Belgian Golf Federation, AFGolf for clubs in Wallonia and Golf Vlaanderen for golf courses in Flanders.

The price to pay to obtain the Federal Card is 66 euros. In Italy, adult recreational and professional players must pay 100 euros to the FIG (Federazione Italiana Golf). In England, club members donate £9.5 (11 euros) to England Golf.

Independent golfers can subscribe to the igolf app which manages their whs index for £44 (50 euros). In Germany, the amount is less than 20 euros and offers management of its classification and insurance. The ffgolf license costs €60 for adults in 2024, over 25 years old (born before 1999), €36 for young adults aged 19 to 25 (born from 1999 to 2005), €24 for young people aged 13 to 18 years (born from 2006 to 2011) and €21 for children in 2024. Age limit – Date of birth after 2012