Ernie Els angry at Jay Monahan: You’re affecting people’s lives


Ernie Els angry at Jay Monahan: You’re affecting people’s lives
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Ernie Els is just one of the individuals who is disappointed with the behavior and attitude of Jay Monahan, the PGA Tour commissioner. The fact that he decided to enter into negotiations with PIF in June of this year disappointed Els, golf fans, and players. The players were not informed of the negotiations and they learned about the PGA-PIF deal through the media.

“If this happened in my day, in my prime, there’s no way he’s around. No way. And the board has to change. You do * like this. I’m sorry, it’s not right.

Talk to us, tell us what you’re going to do, plan on negotiating. Don’t just go rogue as a member of the board and come back with a deal and think we’re all going to say yes. You’re affecting people’s lives. You’re affecting the professional game. It’s just so bad.”-Els told Sports Illustrated, as reported by Mirror!

Els is a person who does not support LIV Golf and their innovations. One of the innovations is team golf, and Els is not satisfied with that.

“I know Yasir, I know some of those Saudi guys. They love the game. But this [LIV format] is circus golf. That’s not where I stand.

Team golf doesn’t work. It works maybe in a two-month, three-month happy season. Get these guys together, get teams together and play around the world. But [then] play real golf.”

Tiger Woods reacts

Tiger Woods also commented on the PGA Tour-PIF deal and hopes that the best solution will be found as soon as possible.

“Getting the deal done, but getting it done the right way. We have multiple options, we would like a deal done December 31. All parties understand that. There are other options out there.

As long as a player has input and has faster decisions, as long as the board recognises that. That's one of the key things the player directors have focused on. The entire board has been accepting of that.”

Jay Monahan