Phil Mickelson reacts to the PGA-PIF deal and calls for patience

Phil Mickelson believes that it is necessary to be patient in these moments

by Sead Dedovic
Phil Mickelson reacts to the PGA-PIF deal and calls for patience
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The PGA Tour and PIF haven't come to a final agreement yet, even after the December 31 deadline. They're still in talks because there are some details they haven't agreed upon. This has left golf fans confused, not sure about what's happening and what's holding things up. Sports entrepreneur Joe Pompliano, speaking via X (formerly Twitter), worries that this situation could harm the golf scene and reduce fans' interest.

Many fans are just exhausted by the whole experience — they stopped following updates, aren't excited about any PGA or LIV events, and only plan on watching the majors,” he said.

“That’s a quick way to eliminate the causal fan.”

Phil Mickelson reacted

Phil Mickelson, always an interesting personality on the golf scene, immediately reacted via social media and emphasized that the most important thing is to be patient in these moments. Phil understands Joe's statements. On the other hand, this great golfer believes that when a final agreement is reached, all parties will benefit. Fans will have the opportunity to watch the best of this sport. Also, sponsors will know what they are getting their money into.

“Joe, I understand what you are saying. However, when it is all said and done, the average fan will see all the best players compete against each other way more often than before AND throughout the world.  Sponsors will know what it is they are buying and everyone will end up ahead. Let’s all be patient.”- Mickelson wrote.

It is still hard to predict how much good this will bring to golf as a sport. The fact is that the arrival of LIV Golf spoiled a lot for the PGA Tour and created chaos in the world of golf. Fans and legends of this sport are optimistic that the merger could be the last step, and that golf will move in the right direction after that. Negotiations are still going on, and it seems that they will take some time. What is most important for golf fans is the fact that they will have the opportunity to watch the best players together.

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