Patrick Cantlay reacts to Rory McIlroy's insults

Rory McIlroy was quite harsh when talking about Patrick Cantlay

by Sead Dedovic
Patrick Cantlay reacts to Rory McIlroy's insults
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Rory McIlroy's clash with Joe LaCava at the Ryder Cup is still a topic of conversation. The Northern Irishman was angry, and it seems that there is still a dose of anger in him after everything. Speaking to the Irish Independent, Rory McIlroy couldn't help but mention Patrick Cantlay, of whom he obviously doesn't have a great opinion.

“I start having a go at them: ‘Joe LaCava used to be a nice guy when he was caddying for Tiger, and now he’s caddying for that *…’”- McIlroy said.

Patrick Cantlay had somewhat different statements in his interview with As if he wanted to calm down the situation. Cantlay is aware that both of them have a fighting spirit, and that each of them wants a great result. Cantlay confirmed that he and Rory McIlroy had worked together in the past and had a great relationship. Even after the Ryder Cup was over, they had a normal conversation.

“I think we’re both highly competitive and we’re both trying to be the absolute best. I think we both admire that part of each other. As far as the Policy Board goes, we’ve worked really closely together and had a really good working relationship over my year on the board. Look, I talked to him post-Ryder Cup and, y’know, everything was cordial and all good.”

Rory McIlroy's remark about Cantlay did not cause particular anger in Patrick.

“Yeah, I saw that. I think it was taken out of context. And that’s kind of the world we live in, where the headline drives the story.”

Patrick Cantlay on LaCava and not wearing a hat

Patrick is a person who has a lot of respect for his caddy, Joe LaCava, and seems to understand his actions and background.

Rory McIlroy and Joe LaCava
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Patrick Cantlay shared that high-pressure situations can affect how one interprets things at the moment, and later reflection might bring a different perspective. He praised Joe LaCava as the best in his role. 

Although critics immediately decided to point the finger at Cantlay after he did not wear a hat at the Ryder Cup, this great golfer explained the reasons behind such a decision.

Regarding not wearing a hat, Cantlay explained that he's very particular about what he wears and felt uncomfortable with the fit. He simply preferred not wearing it for comfort reasons.

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