Former LIV Golf Pro on LIV Golf offers, their future and PGA Tour mistakes

Canter mentioned that the PGA Tour didn't talk to them for a while, and the DP World Tour chose a different direction

by Sead Dedovic
Former LIV Golf Pro on LIV Golf offers, their future and PGA Tour mistakes
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Laurie Canter's time in LIV Golf ended when he couldn't secure a contract in Abu Dhabi's December Promotions Event. Even though he wasn't part of the second season initially, he got to join 11 big events in 2023 after being a reserve in the first season. The Chipping Forecast podcast was a great opportunity for him to reflect on his time at LIV Golf and the great memories he made. The financial offer from LIV Golf is difficult for many to refuse, including for Canter. When someone offers you that kind of money, you need to think for a while, but many have mostly decided to accept the offer and join LIV Golf.

“It’s an incredible opportunity from a playing perspective, financial is obviously the thing that immediately, as a professional golfer, would draw you to that. $25m with only 48 people is an amazing opportunity.”- he said, as quoted by

Laurie Canter talked about how he didn't personally see an issue with the money source connected to LIV Golf and the Saudis. He mentioned feeling okay about it because he had played in golf tournaments in Saudi Arabia before.  

Since the beginning of the creation of LIV Golf, many famous golfers, experts as well as fans immediately criticized LIV and their link with Saudi Arabia. Despite everything, LIV Golf survived, but it is also a fact that today many are against such a Tour and believe that it has no place on the golf scene. Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, stressed that things are slowly changing and that LIV will dominate in the years ahead.

Canter explained that as athletes, they often visit different places with varying beliefs that might not match their own. Canter referred to a time when there were debates about sensitive topics like abortion laws in America, but he didn't feel overly worried about where to set his moral boundaries in this particular situation.

Laurie Canter
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Although many were aware of the main reason why all or at least most of them joined LIV Golf, the players had to answer questions from journalists and explain their decisions. Canter is not happy about that.

“I can’t help but feel sorry for a lot of the guys who had to do those interviews in the early days because there’s no right or wrong answer. Everyone’s got context to human rights – there’s so much around it that you have to consider. It’s not a clear area."

In Canter's view, being a pro golfer involves taking up chances to play wherever they come up, which is a big part of sports. He thought this was an important commitment when getting into pro golf and sports overall. 

The fact is that the PGA Tour dominated for years and was a place for everyone. However, the emergence of competition changed everything, and PGA leaders realized that they had to take certain steps in order to reduce the influence of LIV Golf, but also prevent individuals from leaving the PGA Tour. Still, the financial power of LIV Golf is enormous, and it is very difficult to resist their advances.

Laurie Canter

Canter thinks that if the regular golf tours had talked to LIV Golf before it started, things might have been different. He believes there could have been more cooperation early on. But because established tours didn't engage with LIV Golf initially, LIV Golf decided to do its own thing.

Some golf experts share this opinion. It seems that the best option at the start was a merger, or at least something similar. However, the PGA Tour leaders had different ideas, and it seems that they did not expect that LIV Golf could have such an impact. Still, there is still hope that the PIF and the PGA Tour will reach an agreement in the near future and thus reduce the tensions that have been going on for a long time. The only hope at the moment is the merger. Maybe we'll have the chance to watch the best of the golf scene in one place. Impatience is growing, optimism is lacking, but there is still faith in many that truly better days await this sport.

He mentioned that the PGA Tour didn't talk to them for a while, and the DP World Tour chose a different direction. From LIV Golf's point of view, they did what any new business would do: focused on building their product, getting top players, and aiming for success on their own.

LIV Golf intends to develop in the future in the same direction. There are huge chances that LIV will strengthen its name in the world of golf in the future.

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