Eric Cole, best rookie of 2023 like his mather


Eric Cole, best rookie of 2023 like his mather
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His mother, Laura Baugh, distinguished herself as the best rookie on the LPGA Tour in 1973. Fifty years later, her son Eric Cole achieved the same recognition on the PGA Tour. The story of the 35-year-old from Palm Springs is a story worth telling ( Florida) who, after waiting over ten years to win a 'card' on the top American circuit, beat the competition of Ludvig Aber, a Swedish talent, establishing himself as the 'best rookie' of the 2023 PGA Tour.

Eric Cole, statements

"This award represents a great honor for me. You only have one chance in your life to win it. I thank my colleagues, their votes represent a great certificate of esteem for me", Cole's satisfaction. The second oldest Arnold Palmer Award winner after Todd Hamilton (in 2004, when he was 38), he has seven Top 10s in 2023, including a second place at the Honda Classic.

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