Paige Spiranac reveals interesting goals for 2024

"I want to be really freaking good at golf again this year."

by Sead Dedovic
Paige Spiranac reveals interesting goals for 2024
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Paige Spiranac is known as an active person who often talks about her life through social media. From the first day of her career, Spiranac set big goals for herself. However, in the video clip, she primarily talked about small things that can make a big difference in the lives of many. This golf instructor and influencer is known for her interesting advice, to help others to move in the right direction.

“So the first thing I’m going to do,” Paige said at the start, as quoted by

“I am bad at this and I’ve heard that this is one of the easiest and best habits to get into. And that is to make your bed in the morning. It just starts you off right and it gets you set for the day.”

Considering the growing trend of writing diaries, Spiranac was also advised by many therapists to keep a diary in which she will write about her day, life, and everything that bothers her. It is a great way to get rid of negative emotions and in this way get rid of all the anger and sadness you carry inside. In addition, a journal is a great way to talk about the positive things in your life that make you happy. Spiranac realized that it was a great way to improve the quality of her life. Although she is not a huge fan of it, Spiranac realized that it could increase her quality of life.

Paige Spiranac
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“The next thing we’re going to do is we are going to start journaling. I’ve never been one for journaling but a lot of successful people do it my therapist told me to do it.”

Entering 2024, Spiranac set certain goals for herself, just like many. She has always been a person who had a specific goal and strived to achieve it. This year, Spiranac did the same. Namely, she desires to read more, and even start a reading club. Spiranac wants to improve in golf as well. Her ambitions have always been to progress. It will be interesting to see how many of her goals she will manage to achieve. We hope Paige really succeeds in her intentions and continues where she left off.

"My next goal for 2024 is to read more. I am planning to start a book club. Also, I'm going to do everything it takes to get better at golf.'"

Paige Spiranac on nutrition

Regarding nutrition in 2024, Spiranac also wants to make huge changes. Carbohydrates and sugars are what Spiranac does not like. They cause her huge problems, and this great golf instructor intends to reduce her intake of carbohydrates and sugar. In addition, Spiranac plans to reduce alcohol consumption, considering her physical condition the day after. In one word: Spiranac wants to lead a healthier life in the future and escape from everything that harms her physical and mental health. She had this mentality from the first day of her career, and she intends to continue in the same way in the future. Paige is truly an example of someone who is disciplined, strives to progress, and becomes the best version of herself!

“I know that if I eat a lot of carbs and sugars that it does impact my mental health. I am much more anxious. And we won’t even talk about drinking. I’m not a big drinker, but every time I’d go out I’m like, ‘why did I do this?’ I don’t feel good the next day, my body feels just not good, icky, and so I’m ready to get back into it.”

And in the end, one goal she has set for herself is to become better at golf. Although some think it's too late for that, Spiranac certainly believes that it's never too late to make progress. Paige has shown many times how great she is at golf, and she doesn't want to stop there. Her goal is to work hard, train, and take a step higher. This year will certainly bring many challenges for everyone, including her. However, her dedication to work, focus and passion, and love for golf are really huge. Spiranac is a person who attracts enormous attention to herself, and no one doubts that the same will happen in the future. It will be interesting to follow her projects in the current year.

"I want to be really freaking good at golf again this year. I can always keep my game around scratch, but I want to be a plus handicap again. I want to feel confident knowing that I can shoot par or better a majority of the the time,” she said.

Paige Spiranac