Masters Tournament is ranked 131st in Usa

In the United States, rankings and statistics are a fundamental part of sports culture, and at the end of each year, they reach their peak

by Andrea Gussoni
Masters Tournament is ranked 131st in Usa
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In the United States, rankings and statistics are a fundamental part of sports culture, and at the end of each year, they reach their peak. Today we will look at the ranking of the most watched televised sporting events in the United States in 2023, based on the schedules of all US television networks.

Augusta, ranking

As reported by Sports Business Journal, the undisputed dominance in this ranking belongs to American football. What is surprising, however, is the extent of this dominance: among the top 100 places in the ranking, 93 are occupied by events related to the NFL.

The dominance of this sport, loved by American fans, is constantly growing: in 2022, it occupied 82 positions, while in 2019 it occupied 78. At the top of this ranking is obviously the SuperBowl, which recorded an incredible audience of 114,300 ,000 spectators.

However, when it comes to golf, the situation is very different. As anticipated by the title of the article, golf is far from leadership. The fourth and final day of the Masters Tournament won by Jon Rahm ranks 131st in the special ranking, with an audience of 12,100,000 spectators.

That's a stark difference from the 100th spot held by a Thursday Night Football game between the Vikings and Eagles, with three million more viewers. Moving on to the Ryder Cup, the data becomes even more merciless. NBC's coverage generated only 1,414,000 viewers for Saturday afternoon pairs matches and 1,315,000 for all-day singles matches.

Considering that, according to 2022 data, there are just over 25 million golfers in the United States, these numbers may appear disappointing. While the Masters achieved more than satisfactory results, the Ryder Cup showed a loss of 1,000,000 spectators compared to the 2018 edition.

In summary, despite the popularity of some golf events in the United States, our sport continues to struggle to gain traction and reach a broader audience in a country where American football remains the undisputed king of sports broadcasting.

Since 1960, the Par 3 Contest has been played on the Wednesday of the tournament week: it is a mini-tournament on 9 par 3 holes in which players are often accompanied by relatives, friends and boyfriends as caddies; the winner is the player who reaches the lowest score at the end of the nine holes.

Spectacular shots and numerous hole-in-ones are often seen, however no winner of the Par 3 Contest has gone on to win the Masters.