Grayson Murray talks about sobriety and difficult moments in his life

Murray points to a scooter accident in Bermuda as one of the particularly tough times he went through

by Sead Dedovic
Grayson Murray talks about sobriety and difficult moments in his life
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Grayson Murray and Keegan Bradley are currently tied for the lead at 14-under in the Sony Open in Hawaii. From the first day of his career, Murray was driven to do great things, and he always believed that he was truly ready to move towards his goal.

Sometimes it is very difficult to build a career if you often encounter obstacles or your performances are not good enough. However, he is the profile of a golfer who does his best even when things are not ideal. This is the mentality that makes many winners.

Grayson Murray has faced challenges in his career as a professional athlete, with incidents that raised concerns about his behavior. What many people may not be aware of is that he has been dealing with personal struggles related to his sobriety, which he considers as low points in his life.

Certainly, he is not proud of some periods in his life, but he is aware that such moments strengthen a person. Murray points to a scooter accident in Bermuda as one of the particularly tough times he went through. He openly talks about past issues with alcohol use but shares a positive update; He has been sober for over eight months.

He attributes his positive change to the support he receives from his loving fiancée, supportive parents, and his caddie, Jay, who is an important source of encouragement. When you have the support of your loved ones, then nothing is impossible.

To succeed and do great things, it is necessary to have support by your side. From the first day of his career, Murray had someone who would motivate him and make him better. He is proud of his loved ones. Everyone inevitably has difficult days in life, when they think they will not succeed.

However, usually, better days soon come and we realize that the 'bad' days were just a lesson for us. Murray has had many bad days in his life, but he has learned important lessons after all. He realized who was there for him, he realized who he could count on, and who was his biggest support.

Now Murray has a completely different view of life and his future. He changed as a person, he understood what life brings with him, but he came out stronger from everything. “Makes everything so easy when I got out here inside the ropes when everyone in my circle was pulling for me,” Murray said, as quoted by “They’re right there with me when I have those hard days, and I still have hard days, but I feel a lot more at peace inside the ropes now”.

Grayson Murray on Chris Kirk

Grayson Murray appreciates Chris Kirk, another PGA Tour player who recently won at The Sentry, for openly discussing his journey of staying sober. Murray admires Kirk as an inspiration, noting the positive changes in Kirk's career after achieving sobriety.

Murray points out how quickly Kirk found success on the Tour and became an even better player than before.

Chris Kirk© Michael Reaves / Getty Images Sport

When your focus is only on golf and progress, results must come.

Many golfers of today's modern age are not maximally focused on their 'job' and do not strive to progress. Only those who really want to succeed will succeed in doing so. Murray changed his focus in life. He realized that he could not follow the same paths and expect a different outcome.

He wants to walk in the paths of winners and reach the very top. His qualities are indeed visible, but Murray must confirm them in front of everyone. Murray stressed that both he and Kirk, like everyone else, may have challenging days.

However, he emphasizes the importance of persistence, staying committed to doing the right things daily, and never giving up. Murray attributes any success to a higher power, giving glory to God for strength and guidance in their journeys towards sobriety.

Grayson Murray has experienced tough times in his life, but his current performance in golf suggests that he may be overcoming those challenges. In talking about his approach to the game, Murray shares his confidence in knowing how to win.

He assures that he isn't scared of important moments in golf and won't back down. The challenges he had in his life influenced Murray to have no more fears, and he is completely relaxed about his future and success in tournaments.

He doesn't want to put pressure on himself, that's clear, but he's also aware that he has to achieve good results. Murray is committed to giving his best effort, and he explains that if he doesn't win, it's not because he didn't try his hardest or was afraid during the game.