The PGA Tour pro doesn't understand the decisions of the PGA Tour officials


The PGA Tour pro doesn't understand the decisions of the PGA Tour officials
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The PGA Tour introduced the signature events series to keep top players from leaving for LIV Golf Investments. Unfortunately, players outside the top 50 in FedEx Cup rankings don't have guaranteed entry, leaving them in a weaker financial position than higher-ranked players. This naturally caused anger among a large number of lower-ranked golfers who do not understand why they are being treated like that. At this point, the PGA Tour is ready to do whatever it takes to prevent the rival Tour from progressing. This is only the first step, and it seems that the PGA Tour could make several more key decisions. 

Stewart Cink is one of those who will certainly not have a chance to play such events. However, he understands the decisions of PGA Tour officials.

“If I was in the top 50 I would really like it, but I’m not, so I don’t like it,” Cink said, as reported by “Unfortunately I do think it’s probably the right thing to do for golf fans. If all the players play in those and we get great fields playing for a lot of money then it’s great. It’s just I don’t think it serves everybody, and PGA Tour kind of has been about doing the best for everybody, for all the pros and members.”

Stewart Cink 

However, Cink holds a mixed opinion on the potential benefits of these decisions for golfers outside the top 50. On one hand, he talked about the PGA Tour's desire to satisfy fans by showing the best players in a single tournament. On the other hand, he recognizes that many golfers stand to lose from these changes. Despite his dislike for the changes, Cink emphasizes the importance of patience in adapting.

We'll wait and see if the leaders of the PGA Tour make additional decisions. They aim to prevent the growth of LIV Golf and establish their dominance in the sport.

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