Adam Scott: I fear the World Rankings can become irrelevant

Scott is worried that the World Rankings might not matter anymore if they don't make some changes

by Sead Dedovic
Adam Scott: I fear the World Rankings can become irrelevant
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Many golf players, especially those involved with LIV Golf, are not happy with the way the OWGR (Official World Golf Ranking) works. They don't like that you can't earn points in all tournaments, and it seems like the focus is mostly on the PGA Tour, which makes a lot of players frustrated. Adam Scott is one of those who isn't happy with how things are.

Right now, the golf scene doesn't look too positive, and many people think that the OWGR needs to change how it does things. They say everyone should get a chance, and the best players should be able to play in the big tournaments. But the OWGR has stuck to its plan from the beginning. People from LIV Golf are hopeful that things will change in the future, but it's tough to expect that right now. Adam Scott is worried that the World Rankings might not matter anymore if they don't make some changes.

"I don't need to receive that feedback because I can see it. I know and I'm not sure it's right. I think they are in a tricky spot at the moment, like everything in professional golf is kind of up for debate and discussion. They need to find a good system. Otherwise, I fear the World Rankings can become irrelevant."- Adam Scott said, as quoted by

Adam Scott wants to make sure that when big golf events happen, they focus on the whole world, not just the United States. He's part of talks about a new company involving the PGA Tour and PIF. Scott thinks it's crucial to have someone representing the rest of the world in these discussions.

He says the PGA Tour has been leading the professional golf scene for a long time, but they're working with the DP World Tour and other tours worldwide. Scott believes it's important to include a voice that speaks for the rest of the world and not just the United States.

According to Scott and other golfers, unification seems to be the best option at the moment. In an atmosphere where both Tours strive to establish dominance and "defeat" the competition, it is difficult to expect that golf will live good days. PIF-PGA Tour are still negotiating, and it is expected that a final deal will be reached soon.

Adam Scott
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Scott is one of the golfers who believes that every golfer like the Tour needs to get attention, regardless of the continent. The fact is that many talented golfers around the world are waiting for their chance and want to make it a success. Precisely because of this, it is crucial to pay attention to everyone and influence the progress of golf.

"And, in fact, I think as it's always been popular in America and the dominant place, but the popularity globally is growing quickly. It did through COVID. Participation is up, and certainly my feeling the last couple of years, having played in Asia, Japan every year, and Australia, is there is increasing interest in the game.

Hopefully I can express that well at the board level and have some influence on decisions when it comes to golf outside the United States and how important it is not to ignore it."

Adam Scott on the ideal solution

Adam Scott mentions that what would be ideal and what is realistic might be different right now.

He shares that he has always enjoyed playing golf in different parts of the world. However, he notes that in the last 20 years, it has been seen as very important for golfers to play in America. Despite this, Scott believes that in the future, there can be a better balance between playing in the United States and playing internationally.

He suggests that some upcoming opportunities could help with this balance. Scott also thinks it's important to consider the experiences of younger American players who have enjoyed playing golf internationally. Many of them expressed their delight and were impressed by the quality of golf in the world.

For now, it is crucial to work step by step and expect the best. Scott is aware that the goal cannot be achieved overnight. A lot of effort, focus, and desire for progress will be necessary. If the right people make decisions regarding the future of golf, then it is to be expected that we will see a positive story of excitement. Golf is a sport that unites the entire planet. Precisely because of this, it is necessary to give everyone a chance.

"The events that they have played when they have travelled, and I think they are very open to the possibility of traveling to great venues around the world to play some great tournaments.

I feel like there needs to be a vision, at least, with this. You know, changing everything overnight is probably not realistic, the way I see, it at least. But if there's a vision and something to work towards, I think everybody can get behind that so that we see where the game is going."

Adam Scott