Rose Zhang on mysterious health issues: Zhang revealed potential causes


Rose Zhang on mysterious health issues: Zhang revealed potential causes
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Rose Zhang is dealing with a health issue, adjusting to new golf clubs, handling college homework, and moving homes before the upcoming LPGA Tour season. Despite her successful debut year, Zhang is facing challenges as she manages pro golf, college studies, and multiple moves. This week's Florida tournament is her only start until late March, highlighting the demanding nature of her schedule.

"There has been a lot of moving parts. It's been fun," she said, as quoted by

Health issues can be huge problems for many athletes. This is one of the reasons why many do not fulfill their potential. Of course, we are talking about this when it comes to health issues in the long run. Such things prevent you from progressing, and she is aware that she has to accept things as they are. Thinking about what could affect her health, Zhang realized that travel, stress, and nutrition are the reasons why her health is not the best at the moment.

"I think with the travel and all the unintended stress on my body, my nutrition and the overall feelings of eating has been quite different."

Her current focus is to work with a nutritionist and determine what the main problem is. It is necessary to change the diet and restore energy and health to her body. What many do not understand is the importance of nutrition in the daily life of any athlete. After all, nutrition can be more important than many other things that are emphasized. When you want to become great at something, nutrition is one of the first steps towards success.

"My body has not been processing things as well, so I'm working with a nutritionist to help me see how I react to foods. I would eat vegetables and be bloated, which is not necessarily too normal."

Zhang clarified that these health concerns aren't extreme but are more about making sure she can perform well during the golf season and while traveling. She expects to sort things out in the next month or two by trying different foods and doing lab tests to understand what's going on in more detail.  She must continue training hard at this moment, to determine where she is making mistakes and adequately prepare for the challenges that follow. You can feel how focused Zhang is on creating success in the coming period. When you focus on every detail and tend to analyze your body, it is clear that you are aiming for big things.

Rose Zhang talks about her studies

After starting her pro career in Las Vegas, Zhang returned to Stanford for a few months of studies. Zhang explains that at university, she feels like a small part of a bigger picture, allowing her to prioritize her needs and responsibilities. This helps her build discipline and manage her schedule, preparing her for the upcoming golf season. Discipline is the most important thing, whatever sport you play. The best in every sport has a highly developed work ethic and discipline. Her goal is to be just like that. Looking at everything she's done so far, it's clear that Zhang has the potential to do great things.

Rose Zhang
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She notes that being surrounded by friends engaged in various endeavors, from start-ups to internships at top companies, motivates her to work hard in her own way. The university environment encourages her to grind and stay focused on her goals. Besides golf, there are many things that Zhang loves.  She is a person who has many interests in life, and golf is not the only thing she enjoys and loves. Zhang uses her free time to enjoy her leisure activities.

Zhang is confident about her golf this year, even with challenges. She sees being in school as a big opportunity, learning from smart people. If she does well in her upcoming events, she believes more opportunities, like the Olympics and Solheim, will come her way. 

There are currently many plans in circulation. Zhang is well aware of the fact that she is still young and that she has a lot of time to improve. However, she wants to use every minute to understand where she is making mistakes and to improve as a golfer and person. It will be interesting to follow the development of her career, considering the maturity Zhang already shows. If she really continues to have the same focus as of now, and is committed to her goals, we do not doubt that Zhang can do great things in the future.

Golf in general will bring us a lot of excitement in the future and some interesting names. We hope for a great future for this sport.

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