Rory McIlroy on the globalization of golf: He wants to watch top events in India

Adam Scott is a golfer who can do a lot and help to find the right solution

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy on the globalization of golf: He wants to watch top events in India
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Rory McIlroy felt a huge relief after quitting the PGA Tour's policy board last year. The Northern Irishman was one of the main ambassadors of the PGA Tour, and at the same time the biggest critic of LIV Golf. However, although his opinion is still important to many, Rory tends to focus as little as possible on current events regarding the PIF-PGA Tour deal and the war between LIV and the PGA Tour. His focus is to improve as a golfer, and finally start playing the way we expect him to.

"I think I've certainly got a little more time to putt into my game I think," he said, as reported by

"Yeah, and I'm probably a little unburdened with some of the things that I was going through over the past couple of years. So yeah, to me, I feel like my focus is firmly back on stuff inside the ropes, and that is a really nice feeling."

Rory McIlroy is pointing out that with him no longer having a big role, the PGA Tour's board doesn't have anyone representing Europe. He's worried that this might leave Europe and the DP World Tour out of important discussions. McIlroy hopes this won't happen and supports Adam Scott as the person representing international interests. He agrees with Keith Pelley, who thinks golf should focus on growing globally.  Many golfers emphasized that the current situation on the golf scene does not benefit anyone. All of the actors must understand that the popularity of golf depends on them and focus on improvement and unification in this sport.

McIlroy mentions that having Adam Scott on the PGA Tour Board is crucial for representing the international side of golf. He thinks the opportunity for golf to grow is not just in America, and recent TV ratings from a big event support this idea. McIlroy believes that with Adam Scott looking at the bigger picture on the board, there's a good chance to explore more opportunities for the sport around the world. 

Adam Scott
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Adam Scott is a golfer who can do a lot and help to find the right solution. Scott possesses all the qualities that a person should possess. Precisely because of this, many are optimistic about his role in the world of golf and hope that his voice will be important in the whole story.

Rory McIlroy shares his ideas

Rory McIlroy has a great idea for golf: He wants to make it a worldwide sport, and he thinks India could be a great place for a big golf event. He's talked about this with Dr. Munjal, the CEO of Hero MotoCorp. Rory believes bringing the best golfers from around the world to India could change how people see the sport there.  India is known as a country that loves sports and is ready to support any ideas related to sports.

India is also a country with a huge population, so golf would greatly benefit from coming to India. At this moment, it is important that golf becomes a global sport, and that it arouses everyone's interest. In this way, its popularity will grow, income will increase, and golf will certainly move in the right direction. 

Rory thinks golf is at a turning point, and if it doesn't become more global now, it might stay the same way forever. Rory hopes to see this plan work out. Even though he's been invited to play in India, he mentions how the golf schedule is a bit tricky right now. Despite that, he really wants to visit India someday since he has never been there. He hopes that his wish will come true as soon as possible.

Indians will surely be happy with such an idea, even though golf is not particularly popular there. However, this year and the next could be a great chance to promote golf around the world, including in India. McIlroy's voice could be crucial and the reason for the heads of golf organizations and the Tour to understand how important it is to observe the sport in a modern way. In today's time, when each of the sports tends to push the boundaries and expand its fan base across the planet, golf leaders might well think about such an option.

The next period could reveal a lot to us about the direction in which golf will go in the coming period. Globalization has to happen when then, but the priority should be that such a thing happens as soon as possible. Golf is a sport we all enjoy and want to watch the best in one place. However, we will have to be patient and see how things unfold.

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