PGA Tour's Fleetwood and Hatton Respond to LIV Golf Offers with Commitment

Hatton shared that he talked with LIV, mentioning that several people, including himself, have had similar discussions

by Sead Dedovic
PGA Tour's Fleetwood and Hatton Respond to LIV Golf Offers with Commitment
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LIV Golf intends to attract many more golfers and thus increase competition and interest in itself. From the very first day of the creation of this Tour, LIV leaders set clear goals for the coming years. Their ambitions are great, and it seems that they are not that far from achieving all their goals. After Jon Rahm left the PGA Tour to join LIV Golf, there were fears that many might follow the same path. At that moment, it became clear (although it was known earlier) that LIV intends to 'steal' the best ones from the PGA Tour. Immediately after signing Jon Rahm, Tommy Fleetwood and Tyrrell Hatton were the next targets of LIV Golf's CEO. However, the two, unlike many, have shown loyalty to the PGA Tour. Besides them, Nicolai Hojgaard also received an offer from LIV Golf, but he had no dilemma: I want to remain part of the PGA Tour! In an interview with the media, Fleetwood confirmed that he had conversations with LIV Golf, but that he never intended to become part of LIV. It looks like Fleetwood doesn't want to pay too much attention to LIV Golf or comment excessively on such offers.

“I think it comes at that time of the year where there are always rumors flying around. It’s nothing, really. There’s nothing going on. I’ve been playing here for the last two years and I’m still playing here now. You know, I’m pretty boring news-wise, so that’s just what it is.”- Fleetwood said, according to The Scotsman, as reported by

In the continuation of the conversation, Fleetwood confirmed that he was approached by LIV Golf. However, it is not a big deal for him, considering that many people from the PGA Tour received the same offers. This has been known for a long time, and it is no secret. However, Fleetwood is much different than most, and for him, loyalty comes first. Tommy is a golfer who sees his future on the PGA Tour and has clearly defined goals for the next period. The primary focus is to progress as a player and achieve success.

“Yeah. But I think people have been getting approached for a long, long time. So I don’t think it is like flash news that people are still getting approached by LIV. You know, some people will go and some people won’t. And then at some point we’ll either all play together or we won’t. Like everybody else, I’ll wait to find out.”

Tyrell Hatton reacts to LIV Golf rumors

Tyrrell Hatton also confirmed in a press conference that he was approached by LIV Golf, but his attitude is not much different from that of Tommy Fleetwood.

Hatton shared that he talked with LIV, mentioning that several people, including himself, have had similar discussions.

Tyrell Hatton
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He explained that it's a usual part of the golf scene nowadays. Despite these talks, Hatton expressed satisfaction with his current commitment to playing on the PGA Tour and DP World Tour. When asked if he plans to make any changes, Hatton stated that, as of now, he is staying with his current plans. 

PGA Tour leaders can be lucky to have players like Fleetwood and Hutton on their roster. As long as there are such players, PGA Tour leaders can be optimistic and hope that the PGA Tour will maintain its strength on the golf scene, and even progress in the coming period.

Fleetwood mentioned that he is dedicated to following his "childhood dreams" and is happy with his current situation. As a professional golfer, he highlighted his focus on becoming the best he can be in golf.  Tommy is a great golfer, who has the quality to do great things. Precisely because of this, such rumors are not what he wants to listen to, and his primary goal is to make a success in the current year.

Fleetwood explained that he will make decisions that he believes are in the best interest of his golf game until he decides to retire or feels he has achieved his goals. While he stressed that things might change in the future, for now, he expressed satisfaction and a desire to stay where he is.

Some feel that Fleetwood's statement regarding 'potential changes in the future' hints that maybe Tommy could leave the PGA Tour as well. However, emphasizing everything he said earlier, there is optimism that Fleetwood will really remain part of this Tour and create the future together with many others. Considering that things can be unpredictable in the current golf scene, it is too early to predict what awaits us. We only hope that one day we will watch the best golfers in one place.

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