Hunter Mahan's vision: Tiger Woods leading US Ryder Cup charge

“They should roll with Tiger for the next two and let it be a four-year commitment."

by Sead Dedovic
Hunter Mahan's vision: Tiger Woods leading US Ryder Cup charge
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The upcoming Ryder Cup is expected to be very exciting, especially after the thrilling edition in Rome last year. Even before the 2023 Ryder Cup started, people had different predictions because both the US and European teams had strong rosters. With many stars on both sides, it was hard to predict the winner. In the end, the European team won, starting off strong and staying focused when it mattered, making European golf fans happy. On the other hand, some US golf fans were a bit disappointed with their team's performance, feeling that they didn't show enough quality to win.

Now, there's a growing feeling that changes might be needed for the US team to win the next Ryder Cup, set to take place at Bethpage, New York. Looking at the history of the competition, teams playing on home soil usually have an advantage, so the US team is expected to be in a slightly better position. Fans are secretly hoping that Tiger Woods will be the captain for the next Ryder Cup. Having Woods with the team could provide a big boost and increase their confidence.

Hunter Mahan is one person suggesting that Woods should be the captain not just for the next Ryder Cup but for the one after that as well. He thinks the US team shouldn't have major problems when playing at home, but he also stressed that the Ryder Cup in Ireland will be a great challenge for them.

“They should roll with Tiger for the next two and let it be a four-year commitment. You’re not too worried about the next one, being at home. The home ones are kind of easy because of the emotion and the crowd is on your side. The one in Ireland is going to be brutal. It’s not going to be the next one you’re worried about."- Mahan told Bunkered, as reported by

Hunter Mahan and Tiger Woods
Hunter Mahan and Tiger Woods© Chris Trotman / Getty Images Sport

Stewart Cink is one of the options for captaincy at the upcoming Ryder Cup, especially since he expressed his desire to be captain. Although many believe that Cink can play a great role as captain, they still hope that Woods will be the one to lead the team at the next Ryder Cup.

“I know players love Stewart [Cink] and said he was incredible in the team room so I could see him getting it – but I would have to roll with Tiger.”

Hunter Mahan on Tiger Woods' experience

Mahan points to Woods' experience as a leader in the Presidents Cup, where he showed excellent leadership qualities. When Woods is in charge, he becomes effective, using a special way of leading that he learned from his time in the military. This method involves understanding how groups work together and planning strategies very carefully. The Ryder Cup is a special competition in which you have to feel the team spirit and unity. If there is no unity and chemistry between the players in the team, then it is really difficult to achieve your goal. This is exactly the main reason why the US team lacks a real leader like Woods. Tiger knows most of the players well and has had the opportunity to work with them before. In addition, the respect that Woods has from his opponents is a very important factor.

Mahan explains that Woods is known for getting everything ready in a detailed way, making sure every little thing is considered. The goal is to have a plan that is really well thought out and better than anything seen before, showing how much Woods wants to be ready. Mahan also thinks that Woods will learn from mistakes made in the past, making sure the team is super prepared. Mistakes are there to learn something from them. Woods has had the opportunity to play in this tournament, and he is well aware of what he can expect.

What can certainly be crucial at this moment is the fact that, according to many, Woods is the best golfer of all time, and at the same time he has great experience that plays an important role in Ryder Cup matches. We do not doubt that Woods would accept such a role and help his team, but many factors will decide whether Tiger will lead the new generation of the US team at the next Ryder Cup. It will be exciting to follow both teams, considering that they have incredible golfers on their team. The European team wants to do a great feat and defeat the US team again. Some of the golfers, such as Rory McIlroy, consider it the greatest feat. When you have such a motive, your opponents must surely wonder how they can beat you.

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