Tiger Woods eyes Champions Tour comeback in 2026: PGA Tour president optimistic

"Will our ratings go up? Absolutely. Could I see NBC and Golf Channel wanting to put an event on the network? Yeah."- PGA Tour president said.

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods eyes Champions Tour comeback in 2026: PGA Tour president optimistic
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Tiger Woods is always a hot topic on the golf scene. After coming back from an injury, many are excited about the possibility of seeing him dominate again. It's hard to say if he'll be as good as before or play in many tournaments, but we can definitely expect him at some top events soon. People are already talking about him joining the Champions Tour, especially since he's now 48 years old and eligible. The President of PGA Tour Champions, Miller Brady, is optimistic and says everything is set for Woods to join the Champions Tour in 2026. Miller knows how much this would mean for the competition and how much attention Woods' participation would attract.

“I took our entire team, anyone who touches the product, middle of the year last year and we gathered and started a whiteboard of what ifs, the craziest things, whatever it was, you know, come up with it,” Brady said, as reported by Golfweek.

Miller Brady
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It is necessary to go through all the procedures and provide all the conditions for Woods to actually play in 2026. Although, as we have already emphasized, Woods has problems with injuries, many hope that he will be fully fit by then, and show his qualities on the big stage once again.

“Because it’s not too early to just think through everything. So we’ve done that, we’ve had conversations at the annual meetings with all of our tournaments about it.” 

Brady mentioned that he's heard from other Champions Tour players about Tiger Woods' interest in joining the tour. According to Brady, Woods is looking forward to using a golf cart on the tour, as mentioned in conversations with players like Steve Stricker and Ernie Els.  No one doubts that Woods is still passionate about golf and that he wants to dominate again on the big stage. However, injuries can be a huge obstacle for everyone, including Woods. 

Brady also set realistic expectations, saying, "I have no illusions that he’s going to come out here and play 15 times." Instead, he emphasized that even if Woods plays only four or ten times, it would be considered fantastic. The focus is on the excitement surrounding the potential for Woods to participate, rather than expecting him to play in a large number of tournaments.

Brady mentioned that he talked to Tiger Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg, to share information about the Champions Tour and its rules, specifically the use of golf carts. The conversation covered topics like the number of events, tournament locations, the significance of Majors, and details about certain courses played early in the season. 

It is necessary for Woods and his agent to be familiar with all the details, in order to determine whether Woods will actually perform or not. The very fact that his agent has entered into talks with Brady indicates that there is interest on their part. However, there are several factors that could decide the future of this great golfer.

The aim was to provide Woods and his team with a better understanding of the Champions Tour and address any questions they might have had about the tour's policies, particularly those related to golf carts.

Miller Brady on Tiger Woods' importance: Will our ratings go up? Absolutely

Miller Brady emphasized the importance of Tiger Woods for the promotion of this Tour. His arrival would attract many sponsors as well as TV companies that would like to broadcast the events. Brady does not doubt that Tiger Woods would bring a lot of benefits for everyone.

“Will our ratings go up? Absolutely. Could I see NBC and Golf Channel wanting to put an event on the network? Yeah. Tiger would have to commit early enough for us to make that happen."

Precisely because of this, Brady emphasizes that it is important that Woods confirm his arrival as soon as possible. Talks between the PGA Tour Champions President and Tiger Woods' agent will continue in the coming period. There is optimism on both sides that an agreement will be reached.

"If he commits on the Friday before, we’ve had this conversation with tournaments, they won’t be prepared for it: ticket sales, which turns into an issue with your security, your transportation shuttles, concessions, everything. That was part of that white board that we did.”- Brady concluded.

Tiger Woods could play in more events this year and thus make fans happy once again. This great golfer has huge ambitions for the next period and wants to go in the right direction. Woods has learned many lessons from his past, and this time he wants to focus only on golf and creating success.

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