Mazzoli in 2024 will play on the Asian Tour


Mazzoli in 2024 will play on the Asian Tour
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The presence of Italian men and women in the world of golf is expanding further, with a diverse group of talent competing on the main men's and women's circuits. In addition to the nine Italian athletes on the DP World Tour, including the well-known Francesco Molinari and the returning Matteo Manassero, there are other names to keep an eye on.

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Roberta Liti, a promising Tuscan golfer, is making her way on the LPGA Tour, while the young Alessandra Fanali and Virginia Elena Carta are trying to make their way on the Ladies European Tour. The sisters Benedetta and Angelica Moresco, with particular reference to Benedetta and her 'category 15 paper', they are trying to make a name for themselves on the Epson Tour.

The list of Italian men and women playing on the main golf circuits continues to grow with the addition of Stefano Mazzoli. The 27-year-old from Segrate (Milan) obtained a full "card" to participate in the Asian Tour in 2024.

This opportunity came after a solid performance in the Qualifying School 2024-Finals in Thailand, where he ranked 8th with one score of 345 shots (-13) after five rounds. Stefano Mazzoli, who graduated in the United States, distinguished himself with a high-level performance in Cha-am and is now preparing to take on tough challenges in the Asian Tour.

This circuit, founded in 1995, features stimulating competitions and sometimes sees the participation of important players of LIV Golf, the Arab Super League. It will be interesting to see how Mazzoli will present himself in this new context.

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