Charley Hull's Amazing Comeback: Overcoming Multiple Illnesses for a Great T7 Finish

"I have had a crazy off-season. I came back from Grant Thornton [Invitational] and had Covid for 10 days."- she said.

by Sead Dedovic
Charley Hull's Amazing Comeback: Overcoming Multiple Illnesses for a Great T7 Finish
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Charley Hull faced some tough health challenges during the off-season. Despite her plans to prep for future goals, she had to deal with both COVID-19 and later, salmonella-induced food poisoning. These rough moments raised concerns about her possibly being out of the sport for a while. In an interview with Hope Barnett from the LPGA Tour, Hull shared the struggles she went through during her illness. Despite these setbacks, she impressively clinched T7 at the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions. Her ability to come back stronger shows that nothing can hold her back from reaching her goals. Fans are truly inspired by her resilience and dedication.

"I have had a crazy off-season. I came back from Grant Thornton [Invitational] and had Covid for 10 days.

Then I was poorly over Christmas and on antibiotics. I then got better and went out for food on New Year's Day, and I was then sick for that whole week. I went to Dubai last week to practice, still being sick, and then I was in hospital from Sunday to basically the Tuesday. I found out I had salmonella food poisoning.

I then got on the plane and landed [Wednesday], so it was pretty late to an event. I don't normally turn up this late to an event. But at least I'm here and at least I'm living - but yeah, it's been a bit of a rollercoaster off-season."- Hull said, as quoted by

Charley Hull
Charley Hull© Julio Aguilar / Getty Images Sport

Hull felt a touch of fear considering that she had no preparations for the tournament. The fact that she came late to an event was also a concern for her. However, all the obstacles that appeared could not stop this great 27-year-old golfer from impressing everyone. Charley emphasized that she is happy with the way she started the season. Such performances give rise to optimism that Hull will have a great season and make even greater progress compared to the past.

"Yeah, I feel pretty happy, especially with arriving so late. I wasn't prepared. Came in and played the Pro-Am, and that was it really. Yeah, no, I'm actually happy with that start to the season."- Hull continued.

Charley plans to fix the mistakes of the past and do great things this season. She had the opportunity to learn a lot in 2023. Mistakes are there to guide us on the right path. Hull certainly where she made the most mistakes, and what she needs to improve in her game.

"[I'm excited to work on] pretty much everything. Just started to get back into the feel. I was grinding hard, but then I've been so poorly for five weeks, so I just felt like I wasn't quite settled the first day."

This great golfer always strives to be better and wants to show much more than before. Although Charley had a great performance in the global, she is aware that she still has a lot of room for improvement.

"Apart from that, I played some solid golf. Today was so tricky out there and I hit some great shots coming in. Missed a few putts, but it wasn't really my strike, it was the greens got so fast. Used to putting on a six stimp in the UK and now it feels like a bloody 14!"

Charley Hull an Malbon Golf

Charley Hull confirmed that she has become a brand ambassador for the US-based lifestyle apparel brand Malbon Golf, which caused a positive response in the media.

She highlighted Malbon's unique take on golf apparel, recognizing its influence on changing fashion trends in the sport. Hull believes that Malbon is bringing more style to golf, especially with the relaxation of dress codes. Malbon has always strived to be the best and provide the best to its ambassadors.

She expressed how brands like Malbon have opened up fashion options for women in golf, making it possible to be both stylish and comfortable on the course. 

Personally, Hull prefers a sporty yet stylish look while golfing and appreciates the modern appeal of staying fashionable after playing. In essence, Hull sees her partnership with Malbon as contributing to a more stylish and chic experience in the world of golf.

Malbon has great ambitions for the future, and Charley is obviously part of those plans. Their goal is to do great things in the coming period and attract as much attention to themselves as possible. When you have such ambassadors as Hull, then you certainly have no reason to be worried.

Charley is one of the best female golfers at the moment, so this kind of collaboration is no surprise. Much more is expected from her in the future.

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