Record-breaking 2024 LPGA season: Annika Sorenstam's take on women's golf evolution

'I'm super happy for them. It's going in the right direction'- Sorenstam said.

by Sead Dedovic
Record-breaking 2024 LPGA season: Annika Sorenstam's take on women's golf evolution
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Annika Sorenstam has had a big impact on golf because of her special qualities. Even though she retired 16 years ago, she still loves the sport and keeps up with what's happening in golf. The 2024 LPGA season is going to be the biggest one yet, offering a record $118 million in prize money. When Annika was a young golfer, there was much less money involved, but she doesn't mind that. In fact, she's happy that women's golf is getting more attention from fans, which also helps with marketing and gets more interest from TV companies. Nowadays, there's a lot more money in women's golf than there used to be.

'I'm super happy for them. It's going in the right direction. We see sponsors writing bigger checks and getting more involved. And we are talking top companies and global tournaments. The LPGA is getting more TV time and getting more recognition, which the lady's game certainly deserves because it's the very best in the world. We compare men's sports with women's sports and it's nice that we are increasing as well.'- she tells

Annika Sorenstam talks about how being visible and heard is crucial in golf. When people hear about the players and see them play, it makes them excited and interested, encouraging them to follow the sport. According to Sorenstam, creating interest is essential because it leads to a demand for more, and when more people want to be involved, it becomes even more exciting.  

Many sports nowadays try to attract attention in various ways. It is obvious that everyone's primary goal is; Globalization. It is necessary for golf to become a global sport, with the goal of events being played around the planet Earth. This is one of the ways how even more attention could be drawn to women's golf.

She believes that as more people show interest and get involved, it brings positive energy to the world of golf, and she's happy to see that people are starting to notice and appreciate this positive change. 

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Golf has undergone enormous changes in the last two years. After such changes appeared, people became more interested. Golf has gained many fans. Although there is a fear that the somewhat younger generations are not so sports-oriented and that many sports, including golf, will lose popularity, things are quite different.

With the PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger being one of the main topics of the past few months, the same story has emerged in the world of women's golf. The ambitions of both Tours are to make a big move, and at the moment it seems that they cannot do it separately. The best golfers in the world must come together and play together to make history. The same thing happens in women's golf.

Annika Sorenstam on merger

The Ladies European Tour members were set to vote on merging with the LPGA, a decision that got delayed in November. However, with the new season underway, it seems the merger may not be far away, There is increasing optimism that an agreement will be reached soon.

Sorenstam expresses her hope for the merger, emphasizing the importance of working together to create opportunities for women in golf. She believes that having two separate tours may not be as effective as collaborating to elevate both. 

This great golfer hopes that the future of women's golf will be bright if the merger happens. Everyone would profit that way, and fans would have a chance to watch the best ones.

As a European, Annika Sorenstam sees a smooth joining together that would help everyone, making a good situation for both golf tours.

She explains that while a breakaway like LIV Golf might work for men, there is confusion about its purpose and who it's meant for. Originally, she thought it might be for a specific age group, but now it's unclear. According to many, LIV Golf created confusion with its appearance, but the fact is that they are getting stronger day by day.

Talking about the ladies' version, Sorenstam mentions the success of the Aramco series, believing it has been good for female golfers. However, she is concerned that adding more events or players could lead to problems, taking away attention from existing events. Any changes that are not a priority can hardly bring any positivity.

Sorenstam points out the importance of top players to the LPGA for sponsorships and worries that having too many events or players might make it difficult for the LPGA to maintain its current success. She hopes that any changes made in women's golf will be done carefully to avoid affecting the opportunities available for female golfers.

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