Max Homa wants to defend his title: Tiger Woods is his inspiration

Homa is impressed with Woods and his qualities

by Sead Dedovic
Max Homa wants to defend his title: Tiger Woods is his inspiration
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Tiger Woods is a golfer we don't need to talk much about. Looking at his long career and everything he has achieved, we can say that Woods is truly one of the greatest in this sport, if not the greatest. Many have recognized the influence Woods has on everyone around him. His appearance always attracts attention, and his performances at golf tournaments have always attracted the largest number of spectators. 

From the very beginning of his career, one could sense that he was one of the greatest talents the planet would watch. His career was developing in the right direction, and Woods improved year after year and showed that he would leave a big mark in the world of golf. 

Even when he is not on the golf course, his presence can be felt. The appearance of LIV Golf has attracted a lot of attention from golf fans. However, what is interesting is that Woods' statements regarding LIV Golf (even though he did not play golf due to injury) attracted the most attention. 

Max Homa also spoke about his influence on the golf scene and everyone. This great golfer recalled the beginnings of his professional career. Homa couldn't believe how influential Woods was. However, after a while, he realized what it was about.

"Even when I got out here as a professional, just the vibe around him. One year there was a fog delay and we were all stuck on the putting green, and he’s playing with two very popular and amazing golfers, Billy Horschel and Rickie [Fowler].

The first day there was a thousand people on the putting green and the next day - he had withdrawn that afternoon - there was the same fog delay and there were like 22 people around us. It was like 'dang, this guy really controls the world.' Just stuff like that I always thought was fascinating about him."- Homa said, as quoted by

Max Homa has great ambitions regarding his performance at Torrey Pines, as he aims to once again lift the trophy. Homa has had the opportunity to witness some outstanding golfers doing remarkable things on this course, such as Tiger Woods in the 2008 US Open. He desires to be equally impressive and show the world that he can achieve great things. Since that moment, Max has realized that Tiger is truly a golfer who deserves immense respect. Homa hasn't forgotten Rory McIlroy either.

Tiger Woods
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"One hole, 15, another bear of a hole, I remember [Woods] hit a massive drive and it looked like he hit a 9-iron and spun it back to like two feet. That’s the hole that I just remember sticks out so much to me. It’s graceful and it’s powerful, something you have to almost see up close.

That’s what I say about Rory. If you’re going to come to a golf tournament, I suggest at least watching him hit one or two drivers because it doesn’t do it justice on TV, you kind of need to see it."

Max Homa and his ambitions for 2024

Max Homa has been great in the past two seasons, and once again confirmed that he is a golfer who inspires fear in others. His impressive performances in 2022 and 2023 are the reason why Homa has great ambitions in the current year as well. This great golfer hopes that he can be just as good this year. He is happy with the direction his career is going, but he doesn't want to stop there. Day by day his ambitions and appetites grow. Although he is aware that there will be days when he will not be ideal and far from the right form, Homa is still optimistic that he can do a lot.

“Wins, you leave a legacy with wins so I’m never going to discount them or discredit them, but when you’re talking about the best players, they’re around the lead a lot. I was incredibly proud of last season not as much because of two wins, but I was really pumped about the top-10s,” he added. “I just want to put myself in position as much as possible. I know there’s going to be weeks that I get it done and weeks that I don’t, but being around it I think shows the, I guess, skill and talent of a golfer.”

It will be interesting to see how his career will go, and how much he can do. Already at the Farmers Insurance Open, Homa will have the opportunity to show his qualities in the best way and try to secure the defense of the title.

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