Martin Kaymer will announce the arrival of the European golfer at LIV Golf

"We’re still looking for the fourth which we will probably announce within the next few days."

by Sead Dedovic
Martin Kaymer will announce the arrival of the European golfer at LIV Golf
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LIV Golf enters the new season with even greater ambitions than before. Since the inception of LIV Golf, its leaders have emphasized having clear plans for the next few years, which can be modified as needed, to adapt to the golf scene. The philosophy of LIV Golf has been clear: We want to showcase golf to the world in a way they haven't had the opportunity to see before. The introduction of innovations has sparked positive reactions, although LIV Golf faced harsh criticism from the moment it appeared on the big stage.

However, it seems that over time, many have decided to embrace LIV Golf's ideas and understand that this Tour is planning to do great things. LIV Golf has managed to attract many prominent names, and the arrival of Jon Rahm has caused the greatest excitement. Many considered it an indicator of many more to come. It seems there is truth to that. Martin Kaymer confirmed during a press conference that his team, Cleeks GC, will be getting a new addition. Kaymer did not want to reveal who it is, but fans are already excited about such an announcement.

"We’re still looking for the fourth which we will probably announce within the next few days. There are a few names in the pot, so we’ll see who will join the Cleeks, but we’re definitely going to have a good team and a good team environment, nice guys that I know well."- Kaymer said, as quoted by MIRROR

Kaymer shared that the new player is from Europe, as Cleeks GC is set to be an exclusively European team. After his statement, there were rumors about possible names and who might be the new addition to the team. The Cleeks GC team has big dreams for the future and is working hard to consider different factors to build a team that can achieve great success.

"It’s going to be a European team. From the get-go, that was the goal to have a European Cleeks team. That is the route that we want to go, but it’s tricky because so many things need to be considered, especially for the people who join, a lot less than we had to consider back in the day when we had the chance to join LIV."

It is still not clear who will be the new reinforcement. Several names are circulating, but many want to think carefully about their decision, considering that such a decision will change the course of their career. Many who joined LIV Golf had dilemmas for several months. Joining such a Tour is sometimes challenging, given the criticism you may receive, but also a little bit of uncertainty about everything.

“But there are still a lot of uncertainties for most of the guys and I would like to give them as much information as possible to make their decision as easy as possible."

Tyrrell Hatton is one of those who confirmed that he had an offer from LIV Golf and that they had discussions. Nevertheless, Hatton had no doubts for a single moment. His goal was to stay on the PGA Tour and help the Tour achieve its goals this year.

"I’d say there’s several people who have had conversations,” Hatton said. “I think that’s part and parcel of golf at the moment. I’m quite happy playing the PGA Tour and DP World Tour."

Tommy Fleetwood talks about LIV Golf offer

Tommy Fleetwood also confirmed that he rejected the offer from LIV Golf, thereby confirming his loyalty to the PGA Tour. Fleetwood has a slightly different understanding than Hatton. Tommy is not surprised by the offer from LIV Golf, considering that LIV Golf has been sending offers to various golfers since day one. They managed to "lure" some, while there are also those who refused such offers. Fleetwood expects LIV Golf to continue with the same policy in the future. He hopes that the best will play again 'in one place'. The question is whether the PGA Tour-PIF deal will finally be finalized.

Tommy Fleetwood
Tommy Fleetwood© Warren Little / Getty Images Sport

The entire future of golf could depend on this agreement.

"I'll always be doing what I think is best for my golf game and at the moment that is what I am doing.

People have been getting approached for a long, long time now so I don't think it's flash news that people are still being approached by LIV.

Some people will go and some people won't. At some point we'll either all play together, or we won't. I, like everybody else, will just wait to find out."

By all accounts, Tommy has no intention of changing his mind, but let's wait and see what happens.

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