DP World Tour pro criticizes LIV Golf: Calls players "ungrateful" to PGA Tour

"Ungratefulness," Lorenzo-Vera said. "That's the only word that comes to mind."

by Sead Dedovic
DP World Tour pro criticizes LIV Golf: Calls players "ungrateful" to PGA Tour
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Mike Lorenzo-Vera has been one of the biggest critics of LIV Golf for a long time. Although many sided with the PGA Tour and were disappointed by the moves of individuals who lightly abandoned everything they had built on the PGA Tour, some understand LIV Golfer's decisions. However, Lorenzo-Vera is not one of those. 

He has emphasized many times so far that such players are ungrateful, given that the PGA Tour has given them everything. However, the word loyalty is unknown to many, and money is the main motive of the majority. The love for sport became a secondary thing, at least that's what golf fans could notice with the arrival of LIV Golf. Vera was clear in one video clip:

"Ungratefulness," Lorenzo-Vera said. "That's the only word that comes to mind."

Speaking to The Scotsman's Martin Dempster, Lorenzo-Vera didn't mince words and decided to be brutally honest about what's happening on the golf scene. This great golfer believes that golf has become a business. This is noticeable in other sports as well, but it seems that it is currently most felt in the world of golf. This Frenchman believes that golf is being 'Americanized'.

"It doesn't look like a sport anymore. It looks more like a business.

Plenty of guys are making business decisions in golf now and I think it's a very American way to see it."

The prestige and tradition of golf and the PGA Tour seem to have been thrown into the water by the decisions of individuals. Golf is a sport that has its history and legacy. The fact that many have just 'sold' this sport frustrates Lorenzo-Vera. Some of the golfers who joined golf were his idols. Even as a junior and a boy, he dreamed of becoming one day like them. However, their decisions disappointed him, just like many others. It seems that the passion for golf among individuals has died and that they have decided to go after money.

"It feels like the historical part of the game has gone a bit. Maybe it's because of a change of generation as well.

I was angry at guys like Lee [Westwood], Sergio [Garcia] and Ian Poulter for going to LIV Golf because they had been my idols.

At the end of the day, we need idols and guys who build golf through the years and I think this is what is now missing a bit."

Lorenzo Vera shared feelings of missing the way the European Tour used to be, indicating a sense of longing for the past.

He talked about the current transformation of the tour into a new format, emphasizing the importance for players to adjust to these changes.

Additionally, Lorenzo Vera mentioned the ongoing creation of a new era in the tour's history. He referred to the incorporation of the LIV initiative and talks about a global tour, suggesting the continuous evolution in the golfing world.

Some are afraid of the future of this sport, because of everything that has happened lately. Conflicts, debates, and uncertainty do not make anyone happy. In this kind of atmosphere, it is difficult to expect that golf can progress regardless of the changes made by the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

Lorenzo Vera on Volvo Masters at Valderrama

In November 2022, the DP World Tour experienced additional challenges when the Saudi-backed league acquired Valderrama. 

Lorenzo Vera shared his enthusiasm for the final old season-ending Volvo Masters at Valderrama, particularly enjoying the presence of golfers like Colin Montgomerie. This event served as a significant source of inspiration. He also mentioned the influence of Tiger Woods, emphasizing that Woods' passion for the game similarly inspired his commitment to golf.

Furthermore, Lorenzo Vera expressed his love for playing at various renowned golf courses, including Gleneagles, Celtic Manor, and Valderrama, as well as participating in the Irish Open at historic courses. 

Mike Lorenzo-Vera
Mike Lorenzo-Vera© Stuart Franklin / Getty Images Sport

The Frenchman is frustrated with current events and the changes that are happening day by day. However, in his words, one can feel helplessness and frustration, given that he, as an individual, cannot change that. He emphasizes that he still has to play golf and strive for his progress. Optimism is what keeps him in the game, and Lorenzo-Vera hopes that the future could be better for everyone.

"I think there's a lot of * about what apparently works now.

But, at the end of the day, we have kids to feed and we have to adapt and play good golf."

According to many, the merger is the best option. A final deal has still not been reached, to everyone's disappointment. However, this does not mean that we will not get a final confirmation in the next few days and weeks.

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