Viktor Hovland shares whether he has any plans to join LIV Golf


Viktor Hovland shares whether he has any plans to join LIV Golf
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Viktor Hovland has confirmed his loyalty to the PGA Tour and intends to remain a part of the Tour for many more years ahead. The Norwegian confirmed his decision in an interview with the Norwegian media. However, many doubt Hovland's statements and believe that the Norwegian will still follow the path of Jon Rahm, and many before him. Matt Fischer of Mr Short Game reacted to such rumours;

"A number of huge events on both sides, the DP World Tour, PGA Tour, he is MIA. Rumour is he is the player that will be signing with LIV any second right now. He will be part of the Cleeks team which is Martin Kaymer's team."

Hovland has shared concerns about LIV Golf, which has made his potential decision to join them more complicated. He mentioned not being a fan of LIV Golf's product and specifically highlighted his preference for playing in tournaments with 150 players and a cut, emphasizing that this competitive format sharpens a player's skills.  Viktor was another critic, after several PGA Tour players publicly expressed their displeasure with the appearance of LIV Golf.

Viktor Hovland and LIV Golf

According to Hovland, he doesn't believe joining LIV Golf would contribute to his improvement as a golfer. He thinks the absence of a cut in their format might not be beneficial for his game. In addition, there are many disadvantages of LIV Golf that popular golfers talked about. Some players don't mind it though.

Additionally, Hovland criticized the PGA Tour for their handling of talks with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. He expressed disappointment in the management, suggesting they view players more as labor than integral members.  Jay Monahan was heavily criticized for this very reason. The fact that the golfers were not included in the negotiations caused frustration and anger among them.

Hovland stressed the significance of players to the PGA Tour, stating that the tour wouldn't exist without them. He pointed out concerns about decision-making that may not always align with the best interests of the players but rather prioritize the management's perspective. 

Things like this have to change in the future, otherwise the PGA Tour could experience huge problems.

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