DP, Thorbjorn Olesen wins the Danish derby

Thorbjorn Olesen wins the Danish derby with Rasmus Hojgaard and, in the United Arab Emirates, wins the Ras Al Khaimah Championship

by Andrea Gussoni
DP, Thorbjorn Olesen wins the Danish derby
© Getty Images Sport - Olesen

Thorbjorn Olesen wins the Danish derby with Rasmus Hojgaard and, in the United Arab Emirates, wins the Ras Al Khaimah Championship. Eighth career title on the DP World Tour for the 34-year-old from Hareskovby who, with a total of 261 (69 62 63 67, -27), dominated the scene, surpassing his compatriot Hojgaard by six strokes, 2nd with 267 (-21 ) ahead of the Frenchman Frederic Lacroix, 3rd with 268 (-20).

Thorbjorn Olesen, results

Tournament to forget for the Azzurri. On the Al Hamra Golf Club course (par 72), Lorenzo Scalise ranked 56th with 281 (70 71 70 70, -7). Behind him, Francesco Laporta, 59th with 282 (72 66 74 70, -6), and Guido Migliozzi, 68th with 284 (71 67 73 73, -4).

After the five titles won between 2012 and 2018, including two in Italy (Sicilian Open and Italian Open), and a Ryder Cup won in Paris, Olesen was suspended from the then European Tour (now DP World Tour) because he was accused of harassment.

Acquitted of all charges in 2021, he returned to winning and dreaming on the green. First the exploit in 2022 at the British Masters, then the one in 2023 in the Thailand Classic, then the feat in the Ras Al Khaimah Championship which earned him 392,416 euros.

For a rediscovered player who, in 2025, wants a place in the Europe team at the Ryder Cup in New York. Denmark, officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark (Danish: Kongeriget Danmark), is a member state of the European Union and is the smallest and southernmost nation in Scandinavia, although it is not located on the Scandinavian Peninsula.

It is part of the Danish Kingdom (Danmarks Rige), together with the Faroes and Greenland, each with a variable degree of autonomy. Its capital is Copenhagen. As of 1 December 2023, the population of Denmark was 5,964,059. Denmark is located north of Germany, south-west of Sweden and south of Norway, with coasts overlooking the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

The Danish territory includes a vast peninsula called Jutland, which borders Germany to the south, as well as numerous islands, including Zealand, Funen, Falster, Lolland, Vendsyssel-Thy and Bornholm, as well as around 500 smaller islands often referred to as the Danish archipelago.

Historically, Denmark has always controlled the access routes to the Baltic Sea, which are also known as the Danish Straits. In 1901, Denmark became a parliamentary monarchy, after having been a constitutional monarchy since 1849 and an absolute monarchy since 1660.

The Danish monarchy is the second oldest still in existence in the world, after the Japanese one. Denmark entered the European Union on 1 January 1973 and joined the Schengen Agreement in 2001. However, Greenland, although part of the Kingdom of Denmark, enjoys broad autonomy and follows a federal system, not being part of European Union.

Likewise, the Faroe Islands enjoy a high degree of autonomy, especially in internal politics, and are also not members of the EU.