Ailsa Course at Trump Turnberry, new makeover

News on the Turnberry Resort, still excluded from the Open Championship Rota

by Andrea Gussoni
Ailsa Course at Trump Turnberry, new makeover
© Getty Images Sport - Jan Kruger / Stringer

News on the Turnberry Resort, still excluded from the Open Championship Rota. And the Ailsa Course, which hosted the last Open Championship in 2009, is ready to undergo further changes, after those of 2016, with the most important one completely changing the 9th hole.

Ailsa Course, news

The project was entrusted to Studio Mackenzie & Ebert, who handled the modifications in 2016. “The design proposals are completely aimed at maintaining the quality standards of Trump Turnberry and ensuring the reputation of the Ailsa Course as an iconic destination”.

Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, believing that the R&A's position is about to change, said: “Turnberry is considered, by far, the best route on the Rota, anyone can confirm that” “If the decision is political, as it seems, there is nothing in the world I can do to change it” “What I can do is try to make the Ailsa Course the best course in the world.

It has been listed among the top 5 courses more than once, and has been number 1 several times." “This is the only thing I can control” “When the tournament wants to come back to us, we will wait for them with open arms” “We would do it with great pleasure”.

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