"I was the Sinner of golf then I saw the abyss"


"I was the Sinner of golf then I saw the abyss"
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The newspaper "Libero" interviewed the journalist Leonardo Iannacci, who spoke with Matteo Manassero, a former child prodigy of international golf. Manassero drew parallels between his golf career and Jannik Sinner's rise in tennis, noting that both have experienced ups and downs in their sporting careers.

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Manassero admits that he was successful at a young age in golf, winning his fourth Tour title at just 20 years old, but he also revealed that he made the mistake of not consolidating the technical foundations and relying too much on sensations in competition.

This led to technical problems and a loss of confidence in his abilities, causing a difficult phase in his career. However, Manassero changed his approach and worked with a new group of coaches, athletic and mental trainers to rebuild his career.

He stressed that Sinner was successful in tennis due to his maturity and ability to make wise decisions, such as changing staff when he was at the top. Manassero admires Sinner for his solidity and focused approach to his career.

In summary, the interview highlights the comparable experience of ups and downs in Manassero's career and the evolution of both athletes in their respective sport, with Manassero recognizing Jannik Sinner's talent and maturity in tennis.

Born on 19 April 1993 in Negrar di Valpolicella, in the province of Verona, Matteo Manassero had an early start in the world of golf, starting to play at the age of just 3 and a half years at the Villafranca Golf Club. In 1998, he moved to the Gardagolf Country Club in Soiano del Lago (BS), where he was coached by Franco Maestroni.

It was precisely in that period that the television journalist Germano Mosconi noticed his talent and started talking about him. Germano Mosconi became known in the 2000s thanks to the videos of his passionate reactions to unexpected events during off-air events while hosting the information programs of the local broadcaster Telenuovo.

Currently, Manassero trains and resides at the Monticello Golf Club, located near Como, under the guidance of Alberto Binaghi. Manassero's career reached a high point in 2009 when, at just 16 years old, he won the British Amateur Championship, one of two major tournaments for amateurs.

This extraordinary victory made him the youngest winner in the history of the tournament and the first Italian to do so. This success also guaranteed him invitations to participate in two of the professional Major tournaments: the Open Championship and The Masters.

During the 2009 Open Championship at Turnberry, Matteo Manassero achieved a remarkable 13th place, tied with Francesco Molinari, earning the Silver Medal, the award reserved for the best amateur in the competition. His performance demonstrated his exceptional golf talent at the international level.

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