Paul McGinley Criticizes PGA Tour Deal: Rich Golfers Getting Richer

"The public who are watching couldn't care less about this announcement."

by Sead Dedovic
Paul McGinley Criticizes PGA Tour Deal: Rich Golfers Getting Richer
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PGA Tour leaders have been thinking for several weeks and months about what needs to be done to save the best golfers on the Tour. LIV Golf has dealt them many blows since the beginning of its creation. 

The leaders of the PGA Tour do not want to allow themselves to suffer the same fate again, and for players like Jon Rahm to leave them. The departure of the Spaniard was probably a decisive moment for the leaders of the PGA Tour to realize that the time had finally come to start thinking seriously and to understand the danger coming from LIV Golf.

The recent news about the PGA Tour and its significant deal brought happiness to fans and players alike. The PGA Tour has successfully completed a historic investment deal with Strategic Sports Group, totaling around $3 billion, through its new commercial venture, PGA Tour Enterprises.

The arrangement with a group of American sports team owners will bring an important investment into PGA Tour Enterprises, the recently formed for-profit section of the Tour. This is anticipated to raise the valuation of PGA Tour Enterprises to approximately $12 billion.

It appears that the PGA Tour will finally be able to compete with LIV Golf, at least according to some opinions. In addition to the news regarding the merger between the PIF and the PGA Tour, fans of this Tour were hoping that something like this could happen. However, there are also those who believe that it is too early to look forward to this kind of news, considering many factors. 

The legend of the golf scene, Paul McGinley, believes that this will only influence golfers who are at the very top to earn more than before.

"The public who are watching couldn't care less about this announcement. This is about rich golfers becoming richer and that does not turn on the public," he said on the Golf Channel, as reported by

McGinley is primarily disappointed with what has happened to golf in the last year and a half. This sport has experienced enormous changes, according to many, negative ones. LIV Golf came to the big door with enormous financial power and decided to "lure" the best players through money. 

They partially succeeded in this, but there is a fear that they will achieve their final goal. McGinley is not one to think highly of LIV Golf. He believes that this product did not do great things. For him, the primary thing is for golf to start living its good days again, and for divisions to become a part of the past.

"The narrative around golf and the divisiveness over the last 18 months has driven people away from the sport and it's not like LIV has taken those viewers - that product hasn't ignited at all in terms of the public perception and engagement. 

So golf is not in a good place and let's not get away from that. This deal was a strategic and a business move and it's a stepping stone to try and put golf back together. 

But we have real issues within the game and those issues revolve around giving a digestible, interesting product to the fans that are going to be tuning in to watch."

Paul McGinley on LIV Golf and its ideas: Golf needs to come together

Paul McGinley stressed that golf needs to come together and have the best players compete again. He questions if team golf is the right way to do this, mentioning that many people he knows, including his friends, aren't interested in it.  There is less and less interest due to some changes that have taken place.

Paul McGinley
Paul McGinley© Phil Inglis / Getty Images Sport

With its appearance on the golf scene, LIV Golf decided to make some changes that could arouse the interest of the audience, especially the younger ones. The creation of teams was one such change, but many did not react positively to such a change.

Instead, he believes fans want to see famous golf locations and all the top players in action to feel excited. McGinley points out that golf has lost fans in the last 18 months and needs significant improvements to create a more exciting experience for fans. 

It is really hard to expect that in this kind of atmosphere, golf can reawaken the interest of fans, especially the older ones. Most are disappointed and want to watch the best golfers in one place.

It will be interesting to follow the development of events this year. A lot has happened in a short period. The imperative of golf leaders is to adapt and help golf evolve. However, according to many, changes do not always have to be necessarily positive.

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