Ryder Cup 2023, positive effects of the event


Ryder Cup 2023, positive effects of the event
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The Ryder Cup was undoubtedly a great sporting and economic success for Italy. President Franco Chimenti underlined the importance of this event in changing public opinion on golf, a sport sometimes considered elitist. The positive effects of the event were evident.

Ryder Cup, numbers

International attendance: With over 271,000 spectators from 85 different countries, the Ryder Cup has generated a significant economic impact for Italy, creating an incredible spin-off. Tourism on the rise: The event brought over 620 million viewers to more than 190 countries, increasing interest in tourism in Italy and leading to a significant increase in hotel bookings and business activity.

Impact on public establishments: Bars, restaurants and fashion shops recorded a significant increase in revenue, contributing to an overall turnover of approximately 215 million euros in the public establishments sector.

Infrastructure legacy: The Ryder Cup has left an important infrastructure legacy, with road improvements and the resolution of traffic problems in the north-east of Rome. Financial sustainability: Although the financial needs of the Italian Golf Federation (FIG) in 2023 were important, they were managed in a sustainable way, with contributions from ministries and financing through the Institute for Sports Credit.

Winning project: The Ryder Cup was managed efficiently, avoiding waste and optimizing resources, which led to lower spending than the initially planned budget. The event has proven to be a winning and virtuous project for Italy, generating significant economic benefits and leaving a solid foundation for the future.

President Chimenti also underlined that the accounts relating to the project will be consistent with the approved forecast plans, guaranteeing the coverage of the costs of the Ryder Cup by 2027. The competition, named after the trophy donated by Englishman Samuel Ryder (1858–1936) to the American federation in 1924, is co-managed by the European Tour and the PGA of America.

From 1927 to 1971 the tournament took place between the selection of the United States and that of Great Britain, with a clear American dominance (15-3) and only one draw. Ireland was incorporated into Great Britain in 1973 and the rest of continental Europe in 1979.

Following the acceptance of the European team as an antagonist of the US team, the tournament was much more balanced: from 1979 to 2018, in fact, there were eleven successes for Europe, eight for the United States and only one draw.

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