Jon Rahm forged name and shield of his team


Jon Rahm forged name and shield of his team
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Basque golfer Jon Rahm, who recently left the PGA Tour, has explained that his desire to connect with the mythology of the warrior spirit led him to name his LIV Golf team 'Legion XIII' This name is a nod to Athletic Club, his football team, which has a lion on its shield.

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Rahm shared: "I wanted to explore the mythology of the warrior spirit to name the team. Loyalty is a core value for me and I believe it embodies the warrior spirit, with a mentality of being prepared for battle.

During the Roman Empire, there was the iconic Legion XIII Gemina in Caesar's army, who believed in unbreakable loyalty," Rahm revealed in statements published by LIV Golf. 'Legion XIII' is led by Jon Rahm, and his teammates include Englishman Tyrrell Hatton, who also left the European Tour, American Caleb Surratt and Zimbabwean Kieran Vincent.

Rahm explained the choice of the number thirteen in the name: "The number the 13th team in the league," highlighting the symmetry in the team name. Regarding the lion that presides over the shield of 'Legion . Furthermore, the lion was a historical symbol of the Roman legion to which he refers.

Rahm also commented on the team's formation process: "We have made significant progress in a short time and are very proud of the team and the brand we are building. As we developed the team's identity, it became clear that we wanted to compete alongside a group of men.

that fit perfectly with what the team represents. Tyrrell Hatton, one of the biggest names on the team after Rahm, also expressed his excitement about this new stage in his career and about joining 'Legion XIII' Additionally, Greg Norman, Commissioner and CEO of LIV Golf, praised the addition of the Legion XIII team and highlighted the impact Jon Rahm and his team will have on the golf league both on and off the course.

Already at number 1 in the world amateur golf rankings for a record time of 60 weeks, he reached first place in the official ranking after winning the Memorial Tournament in July 2020, then returning to occupy the highest position following the victory of the U.S. Open in June 2021: he was the first Spaniard to triumph in the prestigious tournament.

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