Rickie Fowler confirms: I don't share the opinion with Rory McIlroy

"Probably not in the same spot that Rory - maybe we started in a similar area, but I think there's been a little rollercoaster ride on his part."- Fowler said.

by Sead Dedovic
Rickie Fowler confirms: I don't share the opinion with Rory McIlroy
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Rory McIlroy, with the creation of LIV Golf, was one of those who criticized the Tour supported by Saudi Arabia the most. His statements were specific, honest, and often insulting to LIV Golfers and leaders of this Tour. 

However, the Northern Irishman seems to have realized over time that LIV Golf is not doing much damage to golf as a sport. Whether the reason for the change in his opinion is the attitude of PGA Tour leaders towards PGA Tour players or the departure of his friends there, is unknown. 

The fact is that Rory no longer has such harsh views on LIV Golf. He recently confirmed that he made a mistake criticizing LIV Golf, due to several reasons. 

McIlroy believes LIV Golfers should be eligible to return to the PGA Tour. 

Such an opinion is not shared by his colleagues, at least most of them. 

Rickie Fowler is a golfer who does not share the same opinion as McIlroy. He referred to elevated events and the desire for the best players to play in one place.

"Ultimately for the game of golf and having the best players playing against each other more often, that's ultimately what we're trying to do with signature or elevated events,"-Rickie Fowler said, as reported by golfmonthly.com!

"Right now with the handful of those guys being at LIV, that really only happens when it comes to the Majors."

Fowler confirmed that at the moment he does not share the opinion with McIlroy. Rory changed his mind over time and completely changed his attitude. 

From the beginning, Fowler tried to analyze things in the right way and reach a conclusion. In his statements, we could not see the harsh criticism directed at LIV Golf, but it was clear that Fowler is not a big fan of this Tour.

"Probably not in the same spot that Rory - maybe we started in a similar area, but I think there's been a little rollercoaster ride on his part. 

I feel like I've kind of maintained middle ground as far as learning about LIV when it was first coming about, and my belief in the Tour and that was always may dream to play the Tour."

Fowler shared his view that the PGA Tour is the best place for golfers to compete and expressed his wish for it to continue in that role. 

Rickie Fowler on the PGA Tour and his views

For years, the PGA Tour led the way and was the only place for top golfers. The arrival of LIV Golf has changed a lot in a short period. In the beginning, the creation of LIV Golf was a shock for many, especially when they managed to lure individuals from the PGA Tour. However, over time many got used to LIV Golf and accepted it as part of the golf scene. The fact is that a large number of fans still do not support LIV Golf and their ideas.

Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler
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Looking at the present and into the future, he stressed that the golfing landscape has changed over the years. When mentioning fellow players like Cantlay, Jordan, and Tiger, Fowler highlighted their hard work and dedication to improve the Tour's standing. 

These are individuals who have done great things on the PGA Tour and are the reason many have come to love the sport.

He believes that their efforts have been instrumental in ensuring the PGA Tour remains the top choice for professional golfers. 

Fowler suggested that a return to the PGA Tour for LIV golfers should involve more than a simple welcome back. He believes there should be consequences or some form of accountability for their previous decisions to compete elsewhere. 

That was the attitude of the majority of PGA Tour players who began to change their minds over time. The majority still have that attitude. The merger between the PGA Tour and PIF is certainly one of the reasons why some now have a different opinion about LIV Golf, believing that a final deal could be reached soon.

Fowler emphasized the need for fairness in addressing these choices and expressed curiosity about how the situation will evolve in the coming months or years.  If we were to look at the development of the situation in the world of golf in the last year and a half, it would be difficult to make any predictions.

He emphasized that the current landscape is different than it was a couple of years ago,

Yesterday's deal between the PGA Tour and SSG, as well as the potential deal between the PIF and the PGA Tour, could change a lot of things. The question at the moment is whether such a deal will bring positive things or damage the atmosphere even more.

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