Justin Rose On The Reasons For Rejecting LIV Golf

Chasing success in the Majors has been his dream since the early days of his career

by Sead Dedovic
Justin Rose On The Reasons For Rejecting LIV Golf
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LIV Golf executives managed to attract a large number of PGA Tour players and offer them huge contracts. When we look at the figures that LIV Golf offers, many understand why individuals decided to agree to such offers. 

However, some decided to reject LIV Golf regardless of the huge figures. The reasons why they rejected the offers vary. 

Some individuals chose to remain loyal to the PGA Tour as a way of expressing gratitude. Others prioritize their careers and success over financial gains.

One of them is Justin Rose

Although he spoke with LIV Golf executives and had several offers, Rose had no dilemma: I want to stay part of the PGA Tour! 

And why did he make this choice? Well, this accomplished golfer simply wanted a stable and predictable future. Chasing success in the Majors has been his dream since the early days of his career. Joining LIV Golf would mean letting go of that dream. After putting in significant effort to become a well-known figure in the golfing world and achieving various successes, Rose realized that avoiding such uncertainties was the best decision.

"I guess technically I might have done like two-plus, two-plus, three years ago or something, at least had a conversation around it," Rose said.

"But for me it was always I could never get comfortable with the giving up on the childhood dreams of the Majors and I just couldn't see that changing anytime soon. 

I was in a position, a situation where I was having to earn my way into them so I didn't have those long-term exemptions to buffer it."- Justin Rose said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com

Rose talked about the continuing issue of how current LIV golfers, not already exempt, must qualify for the Majors or earn Official World Golf Ranking points in other events. He pointed out the complexities of the qualification process and how ranking points play a crucial role in determining eligibility.   LIV Golfers are angry about the fact that they have a difficult time with the OWGR decisions. The leaders of this Tour agree that individuals from LIV Golf must be patient. For them, optimism and hope are key at this moment.

Although LIV Golf executives promised their players that they could eventually be awarded with OWGR points, that still hasn't happened. It seems that such promises were without any basis.  A long time has passed since the creation of LIV Golf, and not much has changed regarding OWGR and its decisions.

Regarding the potential reunification of golf, Rose expressed hope that the best players from both the PGA Tour and LIV Golf could compete again. However, he emphasized the challenges and various practical considerations involved in making this happen. 

According to many, the merger is the best option at the moment. Golf fans want to watch top golfers together. From month to month, an increasing division is created, especially with the departure of individuals from the PGA Tour.

Justin Rose on PGA Tour players' views

Addressing differing opinions within the PGA Tour, Rose talked about the divided stance among players. He shared McIlroy's view that LIV golfers should be welcomed back, but also noted Spieth and Cantlay's perspective that PGA Tour players are not universally in favor of this. The opinions of individuals on the PGA Tour differ at this point. McIlroy, known for his strong views on LIV Golf, has softened and now has a completely different image of LIV Golf.  The Northern Irishman has many friends at LIV Golf, so his statements are not that surprising.

Justin Rose and Rory McIlroy
Justin Rose and Rory McIlroy© Andrew Redington / Getty Images Sport

Looking at the long-term impact, Rose believed that having the big names return would be good for the game. However, he recognized that PGA Tour players might not see it the same way in the short term. 

When tensions exist for such a long time, and when individuals from both Tours make statements criticizing the other side, it is difficult to expect that peace could be established in the golf world so quickly. If there is a final deal between PIF and the PGA Tour, it will take some time to calm things down and turn over a new leaf.

Rose put an accent on the complexity of the situation, emphasizing that finding a fair solution is difficult. He suggested that if the reintegration is structured appropriately, the return of top players could strengthen the Tour, ultimately benefiting everyone involved in the new structure. Many are wondering what is the best solution at this moment. There are many of them, but none of them have been implemented yet.

Despite stressing the challenges, Rose did not rule out the possibility of an eventual reintegration. 

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