Tiger Woods' Interesting Reaction to the PGA Tour-SSG deal

“Thank you, SSG, for believing in us and believing in our sport. Believing in the potential growth that we could enjoy together."- Woods said.

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods' Interesting Reaction to the PGA Tour-SSG deal
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The PGA Tour recently closed a significant $3 billion investment deal with Strategic Sports Group through its new venture, PGA Tour Enterprises. According to CEO Jay Monahan, nearly 200 PGA Tour members will together receive approximately $1.5 billion in immediate and future equity shares as part of this important agreement.

Many believe that this is also a sign of good days for the PGA Tour. After everything that the leaders of this Tour as well as the players have experienced in the last year and a half, this kind of news causes excitement and optimism. The main star of this Tour, who has been absent for a long time, Tiger Woods expressed his happiness with this deal and emphasized how important this deal will be for everyone. This great golfer especially thanked SSG for recognizing how important this is to the PGA Tour and the world of golf. Tiger talked about golf as a sport that brings everyone together and makes the world a better place.

“Thank you, SSG, for believing in us and believing in our sport. Believing in the potential growth that we could enjoy together. 

Golf is an amazing sport. It has allowed communities to heal and grow. And we, as a team, are going to offer that according to what we believe is the true compensation and meritocracy that our sport has been built upon for all these years."- Woods said, as reported by golfmonthly.com

Tiger Woods is aware of the danger that comes from LIV Golf. This could have been noticed months ago. Known as an optimist, Woods never wanted to talk about the PGA Tour and its potential decline. 

For him, the most important thing is that the PGA Tour progresses day by day. This kind of deal is surely a hint that the PGA Tour will progress in the future and have the power to rival LIV Golf. The race between these two Tours will last until the final deal between the PGA Tour and PIF  is reached.

Being part of a story like this makes Woods proud. As an experienced golfer, he knows very well what this can mean for the PGA Tour and the players.

“As has been described earlier, as the Tour grows, we grow. So the more we invest into the Tour, the more we get the benefits of it. 

Which has never been - it’s never happened in sports history. So we’re the first. Exciting for me to be able to be part of that.”

Talk has already begun about how the money will be distributed. The top players will certainly earn more money, which is a completely logical thing. However, this is a great thing for lower-ranked players as well.

Peter Malnati reacts to PGA Tour-SSG deal

While star players like Woods and McIlroy are expected to receive larger shares, Policy Board member Peter Malnati sees the deal as equally exciting for players like him, who may not have reached the same level of success.

Malnati, with a decade of experience on Tour and a best FedEx Cup finish of 86th, genuinely embraces the deal. He talked about the past challenges within the organization, citing frustration, distrust, and division. 

Peter Malnati
Peter Malnati© Sam Greenwood / Getty Images Sport

Despite these hurdles, Malnati views the current deal as a positive development, a cause for celebration, and a source of incredible optimism. 

PGA Tour players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the moves of the PGA Tour leaders countless times recently. The merger between the PGA Tour and PIF was the thing that caused the frustrations and anger to reach their maximum. 

The players were not introduced to what was happening 'behind the curtain'. Monahan and others did not want to include the players in the whole story. 

A few have decided to leave the PGA Tour for this very reason. However, Jay Monahan and the rest of the team realized that without the involvement of players, it is difficult to expect positive things and progress in the PGA Tour. 

If you have dissatisfied players, the atmosphere is disturbed and your reputation weakens.

Despite feeling exhausted from the process, Malnati is energized by the positive changes anticipated for all PGA Tour players.

The PGA Tour wants to have the financial power to compete with LIV Golf. At this moment, the least they need is for other stars to follow the path of Rahm and others. 

This kind of deal causes optimism that the best will stay and see their future on this Tour. The PGA Tour has dominated for years. Being in this kind of situation is not something that the leaders of this Tour expected.

Tiger Woods hopes this is just a prelude to positive things to come.

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