Jordan Spieth Supports SSG-PGA Tour Deal, Questions PIF Necessity

Jordan Spieth is pleased with the SSG-PGA Tour deal, aware of its significance for both the Tour and the players

by Sead Dedovic
Jordan Spieth Supports SSG-PGA Tour Deal, Questions PIF Necessity
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Rory McIlroy is undoubtedly one of the main faces of the PGA Tour, alongside Tiger Woods. Northern Ireland is the first person whose opinion journalists want to hear when any changes occur. This was the case after the PGA Tour-PIF deal story and now after the SSG-PGA Tour deal. 

McIlroy has changed his stance regarding LIV Golf and is now open to the possibility of individuals from LIV Golf returning to the PGA Tour. 

However, not all of his colleagues share the same opinion. Jordan Spieth is pleased with the SSG-PGA Tour deal, aware of its significance for both the Tour and the players. 

With such a deal, the PGA Tour has strengthened its position, leading to doubts about the necessity of a deal with PIF. Spieth believes that at this moment, the PGA Tour does not need to engage in talks with PIF or make a deal.

“I think from where I sit, which is hopefully representing our entire membership, it matters how they feel about the entire situation. And then, you know, at this point if the PIF were interested in coming in on terms that our members like and/or the economic terms are at or not beyond SSGs and they feel it would be a good idea, I think that’s where the discussions will start.

I understand it could take some time to even come to those kind of terms, and then beyond that the Department of Justice and a regulatory review would be intact.

It would be a timely situation, but I’m not sure of the level necessarily of the importance because it will be up to our members to figure that out.”- Spieth said, as reported by

In the recent $3 billion deal, players now have the opportunity to own $1.5 billion in shares in the new enterprise. The group, led by Fenway Sports Group, might see their overall value increase to $12 billion if Marc Lasry, former co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, joins.

Marc Lasry
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According to Jordan Spieth, the exciting part is that players are not just benefiting from the Tour but are now also owners. This means they have a direct stake and are motivated to improve the product. Spieth stresses that this ownership dynamic adds a new level of involvement for players. Players have been expressing dissatisfaction for months, especially after the PGA Tour-PIF deal. The fact that they were not involved has caused frustration among many. However, PGA Tour leaders have realized that with such an approach, failure is guaranteed. Having unhappy players is certainly not the path you want to take to ensure success

Spieth emphasizes how crucial the consortium's support and strategic input are. With approximately 200 years of sports ownership experience, their role holds significant weight. 

Spieth highlights their expertise in navigating future trends in content consumption, particularly during upcoming negotiations for media deals. While financial support is crucial, Jordan emphasizes that the partners' long-term strategies and expertise play an important role in ensuring the success of the venture.

Jordan Spieth on PGA Tour and SSG Collaboration Impact

Jordan Spieth is hopeful that the collaboration between the PGA Tour and SSG will help improve relations between fans, sponsors, and players. Although he emphasizes he may not represent the typical fan, Spieth wishes for a positive change and recognition that the tour can become even better. 

He highlights the PGA Tour's current status as the top destination for professional golf and believes that the new partners will play a role in maintaining and enhancing this position. Spieth mentions that despite their impact, the majority of influence in shaping the tour's future direction will still be in the hands of the membership. 

Fans have expressed dissatisfaction countless times before, especially as the PGA Tour seemed to be losing the status it had built over the years. It appeared as if PGA Tour leaders were passively observing LIV Golf attract the best players without taking any action. However, things now seem different. Such investments are a guarantee that the PGA Tour will endure and potentially remain the number 1 Tour.

Sponsors, fans, and players must act as one body. Collaboration among all is essential. The PGA Tour can only strengthen in this way.

“The fact that it will be collective and very up front, very — they want to talk to us, they want to know what we want to know, we want to know what they can do. As just the talent, we can only go so far just playing golf.

I think that it should be extremely positive at this point that the ship’s turning and it can only go on the right way from here.”-Jordan Spieth concluded.

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