Sergio Garcia, happy with his performance, responded to the LIV Golf critiques

Sergio Garcia will be seeking his chance with a six-under 65

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Garcia, happy with his performance, responded to the LIV Golf critiques
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Joaquin Niemann's historic 12-under-par 59 at LIV Mayakoba has caused a great number of reactions. Niemann has impressed golf fans with his performance, becoming only the second player in the league's history to break 60. This will be a great motivation for the young golfer to continue at the same pace in the future.

Sergio Garcia will be seeking his chance with a six-under 65, trailing by six shots in third place. The Spaniard had nothing but praise for Joaquin Niemann. 

However, Garcia also ironically commented on the criticisms that are increasingly directed towards LIV Golfers. Some believe that LIV Golfers do not possess enough quality. Performances like these have certainly silenced critics. The fact remains that LIV Golf has not been particularly popular among golf fans since its inception.

"Yeah, amazing. Not bad for people that can't play golf anymore. We have one 58 and a 59. It's unbelievable. Like I was out there today, and I obviously started really well. I was six-under through eight, I think, and I looked and I was like two or three shots back. I was like, what's going on?"- Sergio Garcia said, as quoted by MIRROR

In praising Joaquin Niemann, Garcia emphasized that this course is very demanding and challenging. You need to possess immense qualities to compete with the best on this course and achieve a positive result. It is also important to be focused at every moment since one mistake can create problems for you.

"Obviously very, very impressive the way he played. This course is not easy, even though there wasn't much wind today. It's very tight, and as soon as you miss your tee shot a little bit, it's automatic drop."- Garcia continued.

"It becomes very challenging. Obviously an amazing round for him."

Sergio Garcia has every right to be happy with his performance. Such performances indeed instill optimism that positive things are ahead for the Spaniard in the future.

"Yeah, obviously very happy with my round," Garcia added.

Sergio Garcia is satisfied with his performance and wants to correct mistakes

Garcia has previously emphasized his dissatisfaction with his past performances, especially his swing. However, he has now addressed the mistakes he made earlier. Sergio is aware that there is still room for improvement, given the minor mistakes he has made. 

Nevertheless, this experienced golfer does not want to focus on the negative aspects of his game during the first round. There are more positive aspects to his game at the moment.

"My swing the last week or so hasn't been feeling amazing, so very happy to play the way I played, the way I started. Obviously a couple shots here and there that I need to avoid. But other than that, I felt like I did well. I started really, really well, and it was a solid day."

In response to a question about how he plans to catch up with Niemann over the weekend, Garcia explained that achieving a score of six under on the current course is not an easy task and cautioned against expecting a score of 12-under. 

He suggested a straightforward approach of going out on the course and trying to play to the best of one's ability. Garcia stressed the difficulty of shooting eight, nine, or 10-under on this particular course. Garcia previously mentioned that playing on such a challenging course is demanding. His experience could play a crucial role going forward, especially considering that the Spaniard is accustomed to competing in important tournaments on difficult courses. Given his experience in challenging courses, Garcia might have an advantage in handling the difficulties of the current competition.

He also recognized that even if Niemann performs well and maintains a lead, there's little one can do if he consistently shoots three or four-under. In essence, Garcia stressed the importance of personal performance, contributing to the team, and doing well in all aspects, while emphasizing the challenges posed by the course.

Joaquin Niemann
Joaquin Niemann© Manuel Velasquez / Getty Images Sport

A lot will depend on Niemann and his performance. Niemann, a golfer who is only 25 years old, has been showing great talent for a long time, and there are high expectations for him. 

This tournament will be a great test for him, considering the need to demonstrate consistency until the very end. The Chilean is cautious and aware of the dangers posed by his opponents. Golf is a mental game, just like any other. Staying calm and focused should be his priority.

Such tournaments are an excellent opportunity for him to gain additional experience and improve his game. LIV Golf, with these tournaments, is showing they have quality golfers. However, only one will ultimately claim victory!

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