Rory McIlroy Had a Phone Conversation with Spieth: They Don't Share the Same Views

McIlroy has a somewhat different stance regarding PIF and their desire to invest in the PGA Tour.

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy Had a Phone Conversation with Spieth: They Don't Share the Same Views
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The PGA Tour recently confirmed a $3 billion deal with Strategic Sports Group (SSG). This news has excited PGA Tour players, as they see it as a positive step for their careers. The deal suggests the possibility of larger financial rewards in the future and indicates progress for the PGA Tour. Many players are happy about the agreement and feel that the previous PIF-PGA Tour deal is no longer needed. However, some, like Rory McIlroy, still hope for a deal between PIF and the PGA Tour. Jordan Spieth, on the other hand, believes that the current SSG investment is enough for the PGA Tour's progress. He sees the collaboration as a positive thing and he stressed that SSG's involvement is enough for now.

"I don't think that it's needed," -Jordan Spieth said at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, as reported by

Jordan Spieth thinks it's a good idea for things to come together. But, recent changes have made him see it differently. Even though they were supposed to agree by December 31, the PGA Tour and PIF haven't made a deal yet. Spieth believes that having a strong partner like they do now is enough for the moment.

"I think the positive would be a unification, but I think that, like I mentioned before, I just think it's something that is almost not even worth talking about right this second, given how timely everything would be to try to get it figured out.

But the idea is that we have a strategic partner that allows the PGA Tour to go forward the way that it's operating right now without anything else with the option of other investors."

Rory McIlroy reacts to Jordan Spieth's comments

Rory McIlroy was part of the PGA Tour policy board, but in November, he decided to step down from that position for several reasons. Primarily, Northern Ireland wanted to focus on his game, feeling that he had neglected his playing career. At that time, the conflict between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf was at its peak. 

McIlroy was, so to speak, the main advocate for the PGA Tour. However, tired of it all, Rory didn't want to continue in that role. Jordan Spieth took over McIlroy's position a few months ago. The two of them had a lengthy conversation this week, discussing important matters regarding the future of the PGA Tour and the investment by SSG.

Rory McIlroy
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“My thing was if I’m the original (potential) investor that thought that they were going to get this deal done back in July, and I'm hearing a board member say that, you know, we don't really need them, now, how are they going to think about that, what are they gonna feel about that?” McIlroy said, as quoted by

Rory understands some of Spieth's statements. However, he poses a question: What will be the reaction from the PIF leaders? Namely, PIF leaders want to reach an agreement and are currently in discussions with PGA Tour leaders to finally conclude this matter. Spieth's statements will certainly be demotivating for them to continue talks, but they cannot be the reason to change their decision. At least, that seems to be the case.

“They are still sitting out there with hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions, that they're gonna pour it into sport. And I know what Jordan was saying, I absolutely know what he was saying and what he was trying to say. But if I were PIF and I was hearing that coming from here, the day after doing this SSG deal, it wouldn't have made me too happy, I guess?”

For months, Rory McIlroy has been emphasizing the importance of unity in the world of golf. Even though this wasn't his initial view, Rory now sees things differently. He understands the financial strength of PIF and how vital it can be for the future of golf. Their investments would be helpful for the PGA Tour. Also, it might reduce or completely end the conflict between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

“Having PIF as your partner as opposed to not having them as your partner, I don't think is an option for the game of golf. I think they're committed to investing in golf and in the wider world of sport and if you can get them to invest their money the right way to unify the game of golf.”

It will be interesting to follow the situation and see if PIF leaders will react to Spieth's statements. Hopefully, the PGA Tour will finally experience better days and keep its top players. Every investment is a positive thing for them. Opinions about PIF and the PGA Tour are divided. While some believe that the PIF deal could be the best thing for the PGA Tour, some think that after the SSG deal, the PGA Tour doesn't need to continue negotiations with PIF.

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